Jul 1, 2018

A free spirit never stops dreaming

The beauty of a dream lies mainly in the process, the process of reaching that dream. 
Treasure this process and enjoy it as long as you can, for this process will teach you so many things about yourself that you may have never imagined. The process is everything because it makes you realize that you're living your dream way before you reach your ultimate goal. Make it count.  

La belleza de un sueño radica principalmente en el proceso, el proceso de alcanzar ese sueño.
Atesora este proceso y disfrútalo mientras puedas, porque este te enseñará muchas cosas sobre ti que quizás ni tu mismo sabías o imaginabas. El proceso lo es todo porque te hace darte cuenta de que estás viviendo tu sueño mucho antes de alcanzar tu meta final. Así que haz que valga la pena. 

I describe dreams as lovely little creatures that wake you up every morning with a smile. 
No matter how big or how small is that dream of yours, never let it go. Dreams will bring out the best in you, they'll make you smile in difficult moments and they will change your mood every time you picture them in your mind.  A true dreamer never gives up on a dream even if the rest of the world has done it. 

Yo describo a los sueños como unas criaturas hermosas que te despiertan por la mañana con una sonrisa. No importa cuan grande o cuan pequeño sea ese sueño o meta trazada, nunca la dejes ir. Los sueños sacarán siempre lo mejor de ti, te harán sonreír aún en momentos difíciles y cambiarán tu estado de ánimo cada vez que los imagines en tu mente. Un verdadero soñador nunca renuncia a un sueño aún si el resto del mundo ya lo ha hecho. 

Don't let anything or anyone take it away from you, not even yourself. Protect the flower of your dream, but sometimes allow the rain to make it prettier. 

No permitas que nada ni nadie te quite los sueños, ni siquiera tu mismo. Protege la flor de tu sueño, pero de vez en cuando, deja que la lluvia la vuelva más hermosa. 

Shine on beautiful dreamer! 
Brilla siempre soñador! 

May 24, 2017

She is a Free Spirit

She doesn't need to be like everyone else to fit in...
She knows deep inside that her differences make her especial and unique.

A wild child, a free spirit, a gypsy heart who loves
to be close to nature and to simple things in life...

Even in the middle of the city, she finds a way to fly away 
and find her place in the world...
she dares to dream following her heart...

A day dreamer, who feels the need to share 
those dreams with the world...smiling and shining 
with the light of love wherever she goes...

She doesn't follow trends, she has a unique style...
she just loves to express her creativity through her art, 
her clothes, her writing, her music...
She just follows her heart...

Free like a bird, her imagination flies miles away...
she can be happy anytime because her happiness 
comes from within...she's strong, she's fragile...
she's many things at the same time...
she's not always understood, but you know she means well,
she just wants to see you smile every morning 
with the sunlight...

This fragment is dedicated to all the free spirited 
girls out there, to those girls who dare
to spread their wings and follow their hearts!

Text by Giovanna Mariela
Boho Market
All rights reserved

Photos via We Heart it & Tumblr
Autora del texto: Giovanna Mariela
Boho Market

Oct 18, 2016

Carey Mulligan Inspiration

I just felt in love with Carey Mulligan's photo shoot for Interview Magazine. I'm a fan of her style and I love her short hair! I think that haircut looks perfect on her. Carey is a natural talent, and if you guys have seen her in the film "An Education", you know what I'm talking about, she did a great performance. So I decided to sketch Carey Mulligan adding my personal touch :) I added some color using watercolors. I drew her with charcoal pencil. Hope you like it. 

Simplemente me enamoré del photo shoot de Carey Mulligan para la revista Interview. Amo su estilo y me encanta su cabello corto! Pienso que le queda perfecto. Carey tiene un talento natural, si han visto la película "An Education" saben de lo que estoy hablando, hizo una actuación impecable. Así que decidí hacer un sketch de Carey Mulligan agregando mi toque personal :) Le agregué algo de color a mi ilustración usando acuarelas. La dibuje con lapiz carboncillo. Que les pareció? Espero que les guste! 

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