Jan 29, 2009

A new way to be fashionable

One of my dear friends just sent me a link of this lovely magazine! I can't believe I just found out about it. I love all about this magazine!! It's a very new magazine; it was released the last November. I was reading through its site and I think this magazine is a success. The name is "Boho" and this was the first time I heard about the magazine, but I agree with the point of view and the direction of it. I'm sure this magazine is going to be a big success, besides it is environmentally conscious! Every page contains 100% post -consumer fibre and it's processed chlorine free. Isn't it Great?

Jan 28, 2009

My little dress collection

I haven't posted that much lately.. sorry about that, but I was working on some projects at school and spending my time off doing anything but homework. The good thing about it, is that I love the type of homework I'm having and the class I'm taking this quarter. The class is named "Portfolio Preparation and Presentation" and this is the last class of the last quarter at school..I'm almost done and very soon graduated!!! ( very excited :D). What we have to do in this class, is to develop a entire collection that reflects our design philosophy, in other words our style or point of view as designers. I'm learning a lot in this class, plus my teacher is awesome! I love her ideas and the way she encourages us to design thinking on the planet and our environment. Even though sometimes I don't have time for sleeping due to the amount of homework we have to do, I love blogging and this has become one of my new hobbies..I'm sure I'll have more time soon to keep writing about different things.
This time, I wanted to share with you the little collection I was designing for this class last week. This collection is inspired by ethnicity. I love ethnic fabrics, textures, colors and handmade details. I used colorful embroidered fabric for this collection which is actually an "item collection". I designed dresses using both solid and embroidered fabrics. This little collection includes only eight dresses. I'm working now on the rest of this collection which will include sports wear, tees, evening gowns and children's clothing too. So this is just the beginning of this project. I will be posting more soon..I hope you like it..
Lots of hugs to all of you :)

Jan 22, 2009

My Inspiring Trip

I was very lucky to have some time off for traveling during Christmas last year. It was for few days, but I really enjoyed every minute of it. It was fun, relaxing and inspiring. I went to Puerto Rico, and spend those days surrounded by beautiful beaches, sun, palms, and nature. I find nature very inspiring as well as my favorite place in Puerto Rico: "The old San Juan". The old San Juan is a bohemian style city which streets are paved with cobbles of adoquine, a blue stone cast from furnace slag; they were brought over a ballast on Spanish ships and time and moisture have lent them their characteristic color. The city includes more than 400 carefully restored 16th and 17th century Spanish colonial buildings. The Plaza de Hostos is located near La Casita, features artisan displays, sanck stands, and traditional piragueros, who sell shaved ice topped with tropical fruit syrup..yummy!!!
I took a lot of pictures that I use as inspiration. I'm going to start with some of them and soon I will be posting more. I hope you like them :)

Here buying handmade jewelry from some artisans
Surfing is the main sport in Puerto Rico, even children love it
The rocks remind me textured fabrics. The beautiful sea against them look like soft and hard blending. Very much alike to some styles in fashion where soft fabrics and textured ones are mixed in an outfit.
Here in Rincon
Rincon's beaches
Sunset in Rincon, Puerto Rico
Enjoying the beautiful view

Some of my finds on the beach

There's no such a thing like this
On my way to the Old San Juan

Getting closer to my destination..
Here we are...Beautiful Old San juan

Another thing that I love about the Old San Juan, is the people. They're all very friendly and live a very relaxed and bohemian life..Lots of artists live there too.
Artisans selling their art..
Piraguas are yummy!! Love them
We were there... On this restaurant, the waitresses are dressed with the traditional costume

The colors of the buildings and the balconies are very inspiring

The adoquines are like a trade mark of this city.
People enjoying the ride
More Old San Juan's streets.

Old San Juan
This is the feeling you get when you're there ...

Some shops around the Old San Juan
Here is a very cute vintage store at the Old San : "Pitipua Vintage"

They have very cute stuff in there..
They also sell vintage accessories and jewelry

Jan 15, 2009

Sequins and black/white shadows

These are other sketches that I did trying to show the different tones that I can get from the markers. I also wanted to render sequins and make them stand out from the dress.

Jan 13, 2009

Sharing thoughts

Last weekend, I was working on some sketches and collecting some fabrics swatches that I thought would be suitable for the little collection I wanted to design..I needed more inspiration so I started checking some pictures that I took during the last holidays..I specially found this pretty flower that caught my eye because of its vivid color and shape. The flower's name is "Flor de Maga" or Puerto Rican Hibiscus. I began with that flower and then I searched for more things related to it, such as leaves and other flowers; As a result I ended up going towards nature which is my theme for the little collection I'm working on these days. The pictures I'm posting here are just the beginning of this project and a little bit of my workspace, but I still wanted to share them with you..Hope you like them:)
                                             "Flor de Maga"

                         Here on my table with many many markers,
               my lovely key holders on the side and my favorite mug

Jan 8, 2009

Fashionably eco friendly!!

Eco friendly Fabrics swatches
I'm so glad to learn that there's a trend towards environmentally- friendly and organic products. People these days are more and more conscious about taking care of our planet which I think is great to see! That consciousness is growing in FASHION too. Fashion designers are using more eco friendly fabrics and of course, they're creating beautiful pieces with them as well.
Designers such as Phillip Lim, Alessandro Devito and Lika Volkova, the duo behind the young label "Sans", also Esse Kamm, who brings her handcrafted artistry to an eco project in Panama and the well known Stella MacCartney with her "Green" clothing line. Accessories are also following this trend. We see more eco-friendly purses, tote bags, clutches, shoes, etc. I think it's very important as young designers to get involved into this eco friendly fashion movement; we are the new generation and younger designers are also going to look towards us and follow our example. Not only as designers, but also as human beings, what kind of planet are we going to leave to our children? A much better one must be the goal. I personally love to include fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, soy, silk, etc. into my fabric choices because they blend nicely and drape beautifully over the body and the most important of all, they are good for our environment.
I also buy more eco friendly products and recycle as much as I can. I think we can make a difference even starting with
basic stuff such as avoiding
plastic bags when we go shopping, using eco friendly products for cleaning our house, saving energy, etc.
On my link list, on the right of this page, you can see some "Green sites"
that can give you more info about this topic.
Phillip Lim
Alessandro Devito and Lika Volkova
Esse Kamm

Stella MacCartney

Jan 5, 2009

Little Treasures

Every time I navigate on the internet, I'm amazed by this wonderful tool that helps lots of creative people to show the world their art and inspiration. On my search, I found some little pieces that caught my eye for their details and style. I love handmade stuff because I think it is a special way to express who you are as individual, something like a trademark not only for the person that makes it, but also for the one who wears it. I think it is a privilege to wear things that someone made for you with love and effort. One of my favorite places to shop is which reunites many talented people. I also enjoy meeting new people at Etsy and get inspired by their beautiful work. Every time I want to give a present to someone special or just for myself, my first choice is Etsy. I made a quick search at Etsy and I found some beautiful things I wanted to share with you. I'm including the link to their pages at the right side of this blog (Link section). Hope you love them too.

I recently bought this cute hand painted necklace..Love it!!!

This is a painting I made inspired by peruvian florists

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