Jan 13, 2009

Sharing thoughts

Last weekend, I was working on some sketches and collecting some fabrics swatches that I thought would be suitable for the little collection I wanted to design..I needed more inspiration so I started checking some pictures that I took during the last holidays..I specially found this pretty flower that caught my eye because of its vivid color and shape. The flower's name is "Flor de Maga" or Puerto Rican Hibiscus. I began with that flower and then I searched for more things related to it, such as leaves and other flowers; As a result I ended up going towards nature which is my theme for the little collection I'm working on these days. The pictures I'm posting here are just the beginning of this project and a little bit of my workspace, but I still wanted to share them with you..Hope you like them:)
                                             "Flor de Maga"

                         Here on my table with many many markers,
               my lovely key holders on the side and my favorite mug


  1. Thank you for nice web blog i like your pictures for creat design i like very much.hope you don't mind if i visit your blog many time for my learning.

  2. You're very welcome!! I'm happy that you like my blog.
    I'm also very glad you visit my blog often :)
    Thanks for your lovely comments!

  3. I love these designs. what a great reminder to me that my inspiration can come from anywhere. I am usually most inspired when I travel or am at my favorite shop Anthropologie or at my favorite Fabric shop. Thanks! Its great! Good job!

  4. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like them Jenn-Lee. I also get inspiration from the places you mentioned; thank you for your lovely comments.

  5. Hi,
    Just looking at other artsy blogs and I came across yours.. IT IS GREAT. I love your fashion sketches. HAHA I think I want to wear all of them. I will be back to see the finished product :)


  6. Thank you for visiting Steph, and for your lovely comments..:) I love your art too!


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