Jan 22, 2009

My Inspiring Trip

I was very lucky to have some time off for traveling during Christmas last year. It was for few days, but I really enjoyed every minute of it. It was fun, relaxing and inspiring. I went to Puerto Rico, and spend those days surrounded by beautiful beaches, sun, palms, and nature. I find nature very inspiring as well as my favorite place in Puerto Rico: "The old San Juan". The old San Juan is a bohemian style city which streets are paved with cobbles of adoquine, a blue stone cast from furnace slag; they were brought over a ballast on Spanish ships and time and moisture have lent them their characteristic color. The city includes more than 400 carefully restored 16th and 17th century Spanish colonial buildings. The Plaza de Hostos is located near La Casita, features artisan displays, sanck stands, and traditional piragueros, who sell shaved ice topped with tropical fruit syrup..yummy!!!
I took a lot of pictures that I use as inspiration. I'm going to start with some of them and soon I will be posting more. I hope you like them :)

Here buying handmade jewelry from some artisans
Surfing is the main sport in Puerto Rico, even children love it
The rocks remind me textured fabrics. The beautiful sea against them look like soft and hard blending. Very much alike to some styles in fashion where soft fabrics and textured ones are mixed in an outfit.
Here in Rincon
Rincon's beaches
Sunset in Rincon, Puerto Rico
Enjoying the beautiful view

Some of my finds on the beach

There's no such a thing like this
On my way to the Old San Juan

Getting closer to my destination..
Here we are...Beautiful Old San juan

Another thing that I love about the Old San Juan, is the people. They're all very friendly and live a very relaxed and bohemian life..Lots of artists live there too.
Artisans selling their art..
Piraguas are yummy!! Love them
We were there... On this restaurant, the waitresses are dressed with the traditional costume

The colors of the buildings and the balconies are very inspiring

The adoquines are like a trade mark of this city.
People enjoying the ride
More Old San Juan's streets.

Old San Juan
This is the feeling you get when you're there ...

Some shops around the Old San Juan
Here is a very cute vintage store at the Old San : "Pitipua Vintage"

They have very cute stuff in there..
They also sell vintage accessories and jewelry


  1. Thak for story by your picture look so happy with you i like picture from Sunset in Rincon.
    ieieie so happy time

  2. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it!!

  3. Great photos and collections!!

  4. Great pictures! so beautiful!


    ps: we shld go bowling/dancing one of these days!

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments! :)

  6. It was so fun to see your Puerto Rico photos. We visited there a few years ago, over Christmas. We loved the weather and the whole island...spent time driving around from end to end, exploring various beaches, and back roads. Your photos helped me relive it...thanks!

  7. Thank you so much I bet you had a great time there too Jackie, Puerto Rico is just amazing!..Thanks for checking my blog and for your nice comments: Jackie, Play Girl Pemala, Ella Parry, angeleyes. :)

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by! I really appreciate you taking time to do so. I just love viewing and visiting your blog. It's so very chic and fun! It's like traveling from my chair he he he! I really love all the great photos you took. You are a free spirit and it shows. You look like you are having so much fun! I hope you are!

  9. Hi... very nice pictures... may I know what camera u used? is really nice :)

  10. Gorgeous pictures, what a great vacation, thank you for sharing your photos.

    I think my favorite is the one with your happy little toes!


  11. Thank you all lovely people for your comments. I'm happy you like my pictures.
    For Samantha, my little camera is a Cannon Digital ELPH, 8.0 mega pixels. It's not a very fancy one, but good to carry it, and the zoom is pretty good.
    Thanks again everyone!
    Hugs! :)

  12. Wow how beautiful places!!! I really love the streets and the colourful buildings and balconies =)
    These shots are amazing! =)

  13. Thank you so much Mary! Thanks everyone!

  14. Wow.. very beautiful scenery indeed. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics with us.

    PS: Thanks for the vote in my poll! Do checkout the result in two days time ;)


  15. I LOVE your photos of your trip!! I would love to try to paint one of the building scenes!! Let me know if that would be okay with you?

    Love looking at your site...
    I added you to my blog!!

  16. Thank you for visiting and for your comments Rheea. I'll check the results :)
    Thank you Laura too for visiting and of course you can use my pic for your painting. I'm sure that would look amazing! I can't wait to see it!! oh and thanks for adding me to your blog list. :)
    Love to everyone!!

  17. I loved the "Colorful buildings and balconies" photo. The place looks so rich in culture...I'd love to go there someday!


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