Mar 28, 2013

How a dog changes your life for the better

After a little vacation break, I'm back on track on the blogging world. Some lovely things have happened to me during this break. One of them was the new addition to my family, my little puppy named Wall e  (I named him after my favorite animated movie WALL-E). His eyes speak volumes, like the little robot in the film. 
It was a dream of mine to have a puppy after a long time with no dogs in my life. I must say that Wall e came into my life at the right time. 
My neighbors have two dogs one female and one male, one day I was walking out the elevator and I saw them coming out and immediately fell in love. I asked my neighbors if they were planning to have puppies from those two beautiful dogs, and they told me that the female was already expecting puppies and she will be due in two months or so. I was so happy to hear that because I really wanted to adopt one of their puppies! So time passed and one day my neighbor called me saying that 2 of the puppies were up for adoption. I was very excited and happy because my husband and I wanted a puppy so badly, so the next day we went to meet to puppies. The moment we crossed my neighbor's door one of the puppies came right away to welcome us, so sweet and so full of love that we decided that he would be the one.

We got Wall e when he was almost 4 months old, he's 10 months old now. He's has been the ideal dog for us, we couldn't be happier! I trained my dog using Cesar Millan's techniques: exercise, discipline & affection.  I'm such a fan of the Dog Whisperer (Cesar Millan) and I must say that his techniques really work. My puppy used to be scared of bigger dogs, and I started taking him for walks regularly and also to the dog park near my area and little by little he became much more social, he now plays just fine with bigger dogs. He has great manners at the dog park and at home, he's such a smart dog! I even took him to Peru for vacations this past Christmas and he behaved so well that my entire family didn't want me to take him back with me, everybody just loved him. 
One thing that is helping me a lot to train my dog is reading. If you're planning to get a dog, read as much as you can, you have no idea how much information you can find about the topic, not only online but in books, magazines, DVDs, you name it. No matter if you dog is a small breed like mine, it still needs direction & rules...sometimes it's not easy, with those beautiful eyes that melt my heart, it's hard to say "No" to something haha. But, I still have to give him rules because I don't want to pay the price later. He's the most loved dog in the world I always say.
So having said that, I can tell you some of the reasons why a doggie will make your days even better:

1. A dog definitely brings true happiness to your life. They make you smile just by looking at them.
2. You get more active because you get to walk with him, play at the park, beach, etc. (which has become my favorite activity). 
3. Having a dog reduces stress, especially if you like to play or cuddle : ) 
4. They're amazing companions, you'll never feel lonely if you have a dog by your side. 
5. A dog is a perfect companion even at work (if you work from home, or the company you work for is pet friendly). I must say that I get more inspired since I have Wall e by my side while I'm working. 
6. Adopting a dog is a way to give back. There are so many dogs out there that need a home, please consider adopting and/or rescuing before buying any dogs from a Pet store. 

Having a puppy is definitely a great joy, but it's also a responsibility, so the decision to adopt or rescue a dog must be made keeping in mind that you need time, at least once a day, to take your dog for walks and/or to socialize with other dogs. Love is so important in a dog's life as much as exercise and discipline. I'm still learning day by day to do a good job as a dog owner so I can give Wall e a happy & healthy life. He has given me so much already that being a responsible & loving dog owner it's the least I can do for him.  
Are you a dog lover? Do you have a dog in your life? Please comment below, I love to hear your stories. In the meantime, Wall e and me are off to the dog park!
To be continued....

Hope you have a wonderful Week!

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