Jun 29, 2009

Resort 2010

Versace-Resort 2010
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1st Collage
Donatella Versace designed a collection that is feminine, fun and bold at the same time. Vibrant colors, silks, block graphics and floral motifs are just a few of the elements Donatella Versace tossed into the mix for Versace cruise. This resort collection is unique, fresh and versatile because you can easily mix and match them. If you prefer a dressier look you can accessorize these looks with some beautiful jewelry, a cute clutch or purse and a pair of fabulous heels or if you want a more casual look for daytime, a pair of sandals and a bag would work as well. I included some of my favorite looks from this collection in the first collage.

2nd Collage
The beautiful pieces of "Philosophy" by Alberta Ferretti, immediately caught my eye. I really love her style and sophistication with a "boho vibe". I love her flawless pieces, always soft and dreamy. The fabrics are just perfect for this resort collection as well as the color palette and shapes.

I'd love to hear what you think about them :)

Philosophy-Resort 2010
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Jun 27, 2009

Greatest Icon of all times

Michael Jackson influenced the world in many ways, not only as the most amazing artist and the greatest music legend of different generations, but also as a fashion icon. His white glove and his military style jackets were his trademark; his style has been followed by many people and has been an inspiration for many fashion designers as well.
Every time I think about Michael Jackson, I see him in his classic red jacket, the one in the video of his biggest hit "Thriller" or with his white glove and sequined outfit dancing as "the moon walker" in Billie Jean.
Michael Jackson has left a great legacy for the music industry and lots of wonderful memories for his fans. I still remember the first time I saw "Thriller", everyone was very excited to see that video for the very first time on t.v. I was little, but I was really amazed by the whole story of that video and the choreography, it was like watching a movie. I also remember when people in my neighborhood tried to follow the steps of MJ in "Thriller", even the children tried to imitate him in the Talent Shows at School. MJ was a pioneer in everything he did, he will be always remembered and loved by his fans.
This is my little tribute to him and his great talent. Long live the king!

MJ inspired many people not only in the music industry, but also in the fashion world
King of Style

Jun 25, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award!!

I feel very happy and honored to receive this lovely award :) Thank you so much Vicky from the beautiful blog: Vicky's Place.
I'll nominate 15 lovely blogs hoping they accept this award. Once they accept the award, they should pass it to another 15 blogs. 
Thank you so much for reading my blog!! 

Here are the nominees:

Jun 22, 2009

Ethnic and Boho

One of the most amazing things of being in a different country, is to explore its culture and the way fashion is inspired by it. One of my favorite indulgences is buying magazines such as Vogue, Elle (Editions made for that country), as well as magazines made in that country. As you may know, I was recently visiting my country Peru and I bought a couple of fashion magazines and felt in love with the editorials, the looks, photography, etc. Here I'm posting some pictures (1-2), inspired by Peru (Vogue Magazine, Latin America). It seems that the bohemian and Ethnic feeling is on fashion everywhere, I love that!!
NOTE: In order to enlarge the pictures just click on them, so you can see the details.
Thank you


Jun 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Thank you daddy for being such a wonderful father and friend, thank you for giving me the most important thing in my life, the courage to pursue my dreams and your invaluable advice. I admire you since I remember and love you so very much. Your passion for art made me love it even more. You're my inspiration and my hero. Happy father's day daddy and all the wonderful daddies in the world!!
© Suni

Jun 15, 2009

I'm back with more fashion!!

It's been more than a month since my last post, sorry about that, but I have a good reason, I was in Perú and it was kind of hard to use the internet during my vacation. I spent beautiful moments with my family and friends, I went to different places, I enjoyed my favorite Peruvian folklore, I explored the Peruvian fashion even more, I took a quick art class and learned new techniques for making jewelry, and of course I enjoyed the delicious homemade food! Thanks to my mom and sister :) I enjoyed every minute of my trip, there's nothing like being home with the people you love. I missed you all so much and I missed writing on my blog and sharing pictures with you. I'm so excited because I have a lot of things to share with you so I'll be writing about them in the following days, but I wanted to start with a little bit of inspiration from Perú. In this post you can see some beautiful photography from very talented people, inspired by the amazing Peruvian textiles, beautiful hand embroidery, landscapes, costumes and culture. I hope you enjoy the colors of my country.
Viva la moda!!

Talent People from Perú:
Photography: Jacques Ferrand for F Studio
Art Direction: Guillermo Alvarez
Styling: Naty Muñoz & Giancarlo Miranda
Make up: Silvia Melgarejo
Photography Assistant: Jose Narrea
Magazine: Privee

Folk Princess
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