Jun 27, 2009

Greatest Icon of all times

Michael Jackson influenced the world in many ways, not only as the most amazing artist and the greatest music legend of different generations, but also as a fashion icon. His white glove and his military style jackets were his trademark; his style has been followed by many people and has been an inspiration for many fashion designers as well.
Every time I think about Michael Jackson, I see him in his classic red jacket, the one in the video of his biggest hit "Thriller" or with his white glove and sequined outfit dancing as "the moon walker" in Billie Jean.
Michael Jackson has left a great legacy for the music industry and lots of wonderful memories for his fans. I still remember the first time I saw "Thriller", everyone was very excited to see that video for the very first time on t.v. I was little, but I was really amazed by the whole story of that video and the choreography, it was like watching a movie. I also remember when people in my neighborhood tried to follow the steps of MJ in "Thriller", even the children tried to imitate him in the Talent Shows at School. MJ was a pioneer in everything he did, he will be always remembered and loved by his fans.
This is my little tribute to him and his great talent. Long live the king!

MJ inspired many people not only in the music industry, but also in the fashion world
King of Style


  1. I absolutely love your collage. What a befitting memorial. Michael Jackson did indeed have great influence on the fashion industry.

    He was multifaceted in his talent and in his stylish influence around the world.

    Great post, my dear. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I saw this is it and loved it. He was a genius!
    Love your collage..

  3. Great tribute! I love the images.


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