Feb 28, 2011

Oscars 2011: Favorite Dresses!

1. Mila Kunis looking amazing in Elie Saab Spring Couture 2011.
This is my favorite dress of the night, I adore the silhouette, color and beautiful fabric.
Elie Saab never disappoints, his entire Spring collection is simply fabulous.

1. Mila Kunis con un vestido bellísimo en tono lavanda del genio Elie Saab, colección
Primavera 2011. Este es sin dudas mi vestido favorito de la noche, adoro la silueta, el color y
los detalles en encaje. Elie Saab nunca decepciona con sus creaciones, toda su colección de
Primavera es simplemente hermosa.

2. Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Haute Couture. Can I say divine?
This dress is so different and beautiful at the same time. I love the fact that Cate always
takes risks on the red carpet, I never get bored with her choices.
Her style is always a breath of fresh air.

2. Cate Blanchett en Givenchy Haute Couture. Puedo decir divina?
Este vestido es super diferente y hermoso a la vez. Me encanta que Cate siempre toma
riesgos a la hora de elegir un vestido para la alfombra roja, y siempre luce espectacular.

3. Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa. This adorable girl can teach all the girls out there how to
dress according to their age and look fabulous. I've seen her previous Red Carpet dresses
and I love them all! She definitely has an impeccable taste. From the gorgeous color and
design of this dress to the hair, make up and accessories, Hailee rocked the Red Carpet.

3. Hailee Steinfeld en Marchesa. Esta niña puede darle clases a las adolescentes de como vestir
de acuerdo a su edad y lucir fabulosa! Hailee ha lucido impecable en todos los eventos que ha
asistido recientemente. Este vestido es simplemente precioso, al igual que sus accesorios
y maquillaje. Adorable!

4. Natalie Portman in Rodarte. When you think that Natalie Portman couldn't look any prettier,
then you see her walking the red carpet as a mom to be looking simply flawless!
This lovely plum number was the perfect choice for Natalie. She's glowing.

4. Natalie Portman en Rodarte. Cuando piensas que Natalie Portman no se puede ver mas linda,
entonces la vez caminando en la alfombra roja embarazada y luciendo preciosa!
Este hermoso vestido color guinda fue la elección perfecta para Natalie. Simplemente hermosa.

5. Florence Welch in Valentino Haute Couture. First off, I love this girl and her amazing voice.
She's such a talented artist and very unique. Florence has a Boho flair (which I love)
and this Valentino couture dress was definitely the perfect choice!

Florence Welch en Valentino Haute Couture. Primero que todo me declaro fan #1 de Florence
y su hermosa voz. Siempre talentosa y fiel a su estilo Romantic-Boho, Florence escogió
este vestido de Valentino que me parece sencillamente hermoso.

6. Michelle Williams in Chanel Haute Couture. Effortless, beautiful and elegant.
Michelle Williams has a very defined style, very clean & simple, but always stunning.
I think her hair and make up are my favorites of the night.

6. Michelle Williams en Chanel Couture. Hermoso y elegante. Michelle
Williams tiene un estilo muy definido, es simple, sofisticado, pero hermoso.
Su maquillaje y cabello fueron mis favoritos de la noche.

How about you darlings? Which ones were your favorites of the night?
Cuales fueron sus favoritos?


Feb 24, 2011

Style Blogger Love: Dylana from Color Me Nana!

*Illustration by Yours Truly -Giovanna Mariela*
All rights reserved-Photo by Dylana Suarez
*Ilustración hecha por mi-Giovanna Mariela*
Todos los derechos reservados-Photo Dylana Suarez

BM: You’re a fabulous girl with a great fashion sense. Who or what is your main inspiration?
Dylana: My main inspiration are the people I see on the streets, as well as the personal style blogs. I can relate more to someone my age and on my budget rather than an editor sitting front row at a fashion week. I also feel that normal, real people with a great sense of style are much more spontaneous with their fashion choices, and you never know what to expect from them next. There is nothing more fascinating than a person on the street showing true confidence with what they wear, as well as the way they carry themselves in their clothes. I am also very much inspired by nature, my travels and the characters I read about in novels.

BM: How did you start blogging and why?
Dylana: I started blogging 2 years ago during a boring Summer that was packed with summer school courses at university. I used blogging as an scape from the monotony of schoolwork and classes, and I desperately needed an outlet where I could express my love for everything involving fashion. None of my friends shared the same love of fashion that I did and blogging was my way to connect with people that had the same interests as me. My blog didn’t necessarily start out as a personal style blog, but was more of like a daily scrapbook of my inspirations and just random things I loved. It has undergone many changes since it first started, and I didntreally dedicate myself to blogging until last Fall, when I posted my outfits and showing my readers a more personal side of myself.

BM: How would you define your style? Can you share with us some of your style tips to look fabulous?
Dylana: I would define my style as a mix of a lot of different things. If I had to put a name to it, I would say it is eclectically minimalist. I like to wear classic and timeless pieces like blazers, trousers, and silk blouses. But I have to mix things up with color and fun print. I am inspired by so many things at the same time, and I try to incorporate it into my own personal style anyway I can while still keeping within my comfort zone and personality. My tips for looking fabulous is to always be confident. Choose clothing that suits your body type and never be afraid to try something new, whether it be a color, print, or texture.Fashion should be fun and experimental, but don’t try too hard that you end up not being yourself.

BM: A piece of clothing or accessory you would never wear and why:
Dylana: I love miniskirts and short lengths, but I would never wear booty shorts because I don’t think that exposing too much of your rear is sexy. There is a limit on how much skin should be shown at one time, even in the Summer.

BM: What do you think is a must-have piece in every girl’s closet and why?
Dylana: I think that a Vintage blazer in your favorite color is a must have piece because you can wear it with everything. It instantly adds a timeless appeal to any outfit. If you are wearing even the most mundane of outfits like jeans and a basic shirt, a blazer in a sleek silhouette takes it from boring to chic.

BM: Your favorite Style Icon(s) are:
Dylana: This is a hard question because I am inspired by so many people with great style, and I take bits and pieces of inspirations from each to create my own look. But one of my favorite girls to look for a quick fashion fix is Alexa Chung. That girl has got it going on. I love how she mixes high and low, new and vintage, girlish and tomboy. She wears a little bit of everything, but it never seems too over the top. Her style is fun and eclectic, yet enviably timeless and classy. I think she is so unique because of this. I am also so inspired by Audrey Hepburn. She always looked so chic and refined. Her style will stay with us forever and ever. I am obsessed with anything 80’s and have a total girl crush on Molly Rinwald during the Brat Pack era. She was so cute and her kitschy outfits inspire me to bring out my more eclectic, colorful side. Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally is also another style icon moment for me.

BM: Do you have any other passion besides Fashion?
Dylana: My other passion is music and singing. I’ve been singing since I was just a toddler. I grew up watching all the classic Disney movies, and The Little Mermaid was my absolute favorite. I seriously cried when the movie ended because I didn’t want it to ever end! Haha. Part of Your World was my theme song growing up and I sang it all day long, everyday. I used to take singing classes and piano classes, and even did some musical theatre when I was in junior high andhigh school. Even though I was a very shy child, singing was the one thing that really allowed me to express myself. Even now I sing for myself just because Ilove it, and I hope to start posting more videos of me singing on Youtube just so my readers get to see this other side of me. I also write my own lyricssometimes, but I haven’t yet had the time to compose music for them. My sister and I love to play music and sign together, so look forward to a new video being posted soon of us! I’m ok at the guitar, but the piano is my favorite instrument. Whenever I need to take a break or feel stressed, I just jump on the piano and play the theme song to Amelie. Other than music, I also enjoy creative writing and dancing.

BM: What’s your favorite band/singer and what’s your favorite music genre?
Dylana: My favorite musical genre is classic rock, but I also love indie rock. I listen to all kinds of music, and it is hard to pinpoint just one genre down, not to mention certain bands and singers. My favorite singers include Jewel and Michael Jackson because I grew up listening to them. My first CD when I was just a little girl was actually Jewel’s Pieces of Me and I listened to her over and over again. Right now I really love Diane Birch, The Black Keyes, Young the Giant, Vampire Weekend, Of Montreal, Paolo Nutini, and Florence and The Machine. I always come across new bands that I love and listen to over an over,but in the end The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, and the Strokes top out everyone else on my list. These classic bands will never fade.

BM: How would you describe a happy moment?
Dylana: I think a happy moment is one when you are totally at ease with yourself and the people who surround you. When you are in your most relaxed stated and not even a care in the world can break or ruin it for you. Being happy means living life to the fullest and not worrying about the little things. I am so grateful that I get to share many of these kinds of moments with my friends and family every single day.

BM: What do you see yourself doing in 5 years time?
Dylana: Hopefully, I will be living in NYC or maybe abroad,and working in the fashion industry, either as a writer, marketer or fashion buyer. I wouldn’t mind still staying in Los Angeles, as long as I am doing what I love to do. But my heart is set on discovering new places and meeting new people.

BM: What’s your motto?
Dylana: Every single day is a chance to look and feel fabulous.

To learn more about Dylana, please visit her fabulous blog and if you want to enjoy Dylana's beautiful voice and music, visit her YouTube Channel HERE

Thank you Dylana!


Feb 22, 2011

Nanette Lepore Fall 2011

Nanette Lepore's Fall Collection is all about effortless chic pieces that you can mix and match with almost everything. I have to say that I'm not a fan of white tights; however, I love how they look with those mini dresses. By the way those dresses are so pretty and the color palette is just perfect for the Season. I also like the platforms, they definitely give the entire collection an edgy and modern feel. How do you like these collection? Above you can see some of my favorite looks. Hope you're having a lovely week so far!

La colección de Nanette Lepore de Otoño 2011 es simplemente elegante pero sin caer en lo demasiado elaborado. Es sencilla y fácil de llevar con casi todo. Tengo que confesar que no soy fan de las medias blancas, sin embargo, me gusta como se ven con los mini vestidos. Ademas estos vestidos son lindisimos, y los colores simplemente perfectos para la estación. También me gustan las plataformas, definitivamente le dan el toque moderno a la colección. Que les pareció esta colección? Arriba puede ver mis looks favoritos.
Espero que estén teniendo una linda semana!


Feb 21, 2011

Lovely Guest Blogger: Rachael from It's Simple Love!

Hi! My name is Rachael from It's Simple Love. First off, I want to thank Giovanna for asking me to guest post on her fabulous blog. It is an honor! I have been following Boho Market for about a year now and it continues to inspire me daily. I find Giovanna's style tasteful and classy yet modern and fun. I am flattered to share a little of my taste with you today!
Today I wanted to share my fascination of foxy fox fashion. I have seen these furry creatures make their way into jewelry, home decor, clothing, and more! And I have to say I welcome the little critters. I chose some of my favorite swoon-worthy fox items from etsy to share with you today. Though as you very well know animal print in the fashion industry is not a new phenomenon (take the 60's fox print dress pictured above). Men and women alike have adorned their clothing with animal prints for decades. So tell me, what animal would you sport around on your sleeve or as home decor?

Hola! Mi nombre es Rachael del blog It's simple love. Primero, le quería agradecer a Giovanna por permitirme escribir en su blog, para mi es un honor! Vengo siguiendo Boho Market hace mas de un año y continua siendo una fuente de inspiración diaria para mi. Encuentro el estilo de Giovanna muy lindo, clásico pero a la vez alegre y moderno. Me siento muy halagada por poder compartir con ustedes un poco de mi estilo!
Quería compartir con ustedes hoy mi fascinación por los detalles de animales, en este caso el zorro. Me he dado cuenta como estas lindas criaturas poco a poco han formado parte la moda, la joyería, la decoración, etc. Y tengo que decir que me encantan! Escogí mis piezas favoritas en que están inspiradas en esta tendencia. Es cierto que el print de animales no es algo nuevo en la industria de la moda (por ejemplo el vestido vintage de los anos 60 de la foto de arriba). Hombres y mujeres han adornado sus ropas con prints de animales por décadas. Me gustaría saber que animal les fascina y utilizarían como inspiración ya sea en sus outfits o en decoración?

Thank you Rachael!

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