Dec 13, 2008


Inspiration comes from everywhere. Some people get inspired by specific things such as art, photography, fashion trends, nature, fabrics, etc. I specially find inspiration in fabrics. Whenever I go to a fabric store I look for colorful and interesting prints. When I find them, I immediately think about what to create with that piece of fabric or what kind of garment would be more suitable for that fabric. That's why it is very important to be surrounded by things that inspire you. I believe that creativity is the main key in the fashion world. Creativity is something you can't learn at school; however, you can help yourself to find inspiration in order to create something fabulous. What helps me a lot when I'm not feeling very inspired (Because it's impossible for a designer to be inspired every single minute) is keeping things that I love around me. For example, I really appreciate handmade things, specially accessories or decoration objects such as rustic frames or jewelry boxes. Those things inspire me to create something new. In addition to that, I also like to take my camera and walk around the streets trying to find interesting things that catch my eye. I love photography so that helps me a lot whenever I need to get inspired. Visit museums when you have the chance and take pictures of the work of art you like in there. If you can't take pictures inside the museum, take a notebook and pencils for sketching. Art in general is very inspiring and I love it!!. Finally, be as close as possible to fabrics, swatches, trims, etc. Feel the texture of each fabric. Go to fabric stores as much as you can, even if you're not going to buy anything, just go to get some inspiration.


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  2. I love and agree with what you say!
    Lovely blog :D


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