Oct 30, 2013

Boho Chic Decor Ideas: Living Rooms

I love being surrounded by colorful textiles, beautiful details and eclectic furniture, especially while I'm working on creative projects. Even at home, in my little office space, I always try to keep it colorful, stylish and inspiring.
Some time ago I shared with you a post about Boho Chic Decor Ideas for bedrooms and now I wanted to do a special post with inspiring ideas for boho chic living rooms. If you love boho, eclectic decor with some vintage pieces, but with a modern twist, then this post is for you. Hope you get inspired. Happy Monday!

Me encanta estar rodeada de textiles coloridos, detalles lindos y muebles eclécticos, especialmente cuando estoy trabajando en proyectos creativos. Aun cuando estoy en casa, en mi pequeña oficina, siempre trato de mantener mi entorno colorido, con estilo y sobre todo inspirador. Hace un tiempo atrás hice un post de decoración de estilo Boho chic para dormitorios, ahora quería compartir con ustedes este post de este estilo que me encanta pero esta vez para la sala principal. Si también te encanta el estilo Boho, la decoración ecléctica algo vintage pero a la vez con un toque moderno. Disfruten! Buen Lunes!

Love the idea in the picture below. Framing pieces of fabric, how clever!
What do you think?
Me encanto esta idea de enmarcar pedazos de tela!
Que les parece?

And last but not least, below is a picture of my apartment (taken with my cellphone),
this is just part of the living room area. As you can see I love colorful textiles!
Y por ultimo esta foto de abajo es de mi apartamento, parte del área de la sala.
Como pueden ver me encantan los textiles coloridos!

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  1. I love your living room! Oh wow :) <3

  2. Very interesting idea with frames!

  3. obsessed with these boho spaces! totally "hearing" this on bloglovin!! great tips thanks for sharing :D BE SURE TO ENTER OUR KAI FRAGRANCE GIVEAWAY!
    The Golden Girls SPA GIVEAWAY

  4. These colors are beautiful!


  5. Soo gorgeous! the bright colours whith the light wight walls is so beautiful

  6. Hola Giovana, despues de tiempo visitando tu lindo blog! en cualquiera de estos ambientes yo me sentiría muy bien, me gusto la idea de enmarcar telas!! Post inspirador, Besos!!

  7. Hi Giovanna! That is no problem about sharing. Thank you fr all your beautiful, inspiring posts. I'm going to be moving into my own place soon, so I can't wait to try out some of the bohemian stuff you post (unfortunately I can't have everything haha). ~

    Are you Christian? - just wondering <3 Have a beautiful week hun!

  8. Thank you for all fantastic inspirations!

    Love it.


  9. Such lovely interiors! I'm moving into my own apartment in the fall and I'd love to try to make my room have this kind of feel. I'm hoping it's affordable.


  10. My heart melts over such gorgeous rooms! love them.


  11. Gosh I love that first room and the accent pillows in the second last!!

  12. ooh que genial no puedo creeer que siga existiendo tu blog!



  13. I am obsessed with mixing colors and patterns. Love the orange lamp.

  14. Such gorgeous inspirations! Handsome and I are settling in as the reno's have begun... we love color too and this post is giving me ideas!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Giovanna. Wishing you the best to come in the new year ")


  15. Love your collection of photos and your apartment looks so inviting!


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