Feb 13, 2009

Sharing Feelings

For my Valentine,

Every time I see your eyes, every time I see your face..
I can tell that love exists and lives in you..Every time you smile at me all my world and all I feel is the need to be surrounded by your light
You're the strength that takes me away every time I need to fly.. in your arms I feel I can spend the rest of my life..
Every time I hold your hand and even when you're this close.. I feel my heart beating hard just like the first time..
All the things we've lived together, all the things we shared and more, let my days to tell the story of our love.
all the feelings you heart holds.. all the memories and love are the melody for our everlasting song.
If you feel the way I'm feeling now.. come close to me and remember that one day we were just waiting for each other without knowing.. and the very first moment I saw your eyes, I found myself and I still do...
Every time I think of you, every time I sing our song, I remember all the reasons you give me to smile..
Walking holding hands as always, spending our days together and the little details that make our love special, come into my mind today just to tell you once again lucky I am to have you and to hold this in my heart..

Thank God I found you, thank God I have you..all the love I have is just for you.
By Giovanna Mariela
Boho Market.-


  1. Thank you so much Diana!! I'm glad you like it!!
    Hugs :)

  2. Gracias por tu linda visita!!!

    Vere un poco mas de tu blog ahora...

    Un abraso!!!

  3. Gracias Vilmus! me encanta tu blog y tu arte!!

  4. These words are just too sweet. You have been able to touch me, maybe because I'm in love too, so I can understand these feelings.
    Thank you for sharing your emotions!

  5. Thank you for your words Merylu and for sharing the same feelings! :)


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