Feb 10, 2009


I've been tagged by the lovely Stephanie. Her blog is:
Thanks Stephanie! :)

So here I am with the SIX RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME:

1. I love chocolate!! It's my secret addiction. Dark chocolate the best!!! ;)

2. I'm also a teacher. Fashion is my passion, but teaching brought me a lot of happiness and satisfaction. I think I love both careers equally, but in different ways.

3. I like dancing latin music such as: Merengue, salsa, cumbia, peruvian folklore, etc

4. Simple things make me happy. Things such as going out for a walk with my hubby or my Sunday morning coffee.

5. I can't live without my mom's food (peruvian homemade food)

6. I've had all sorts of pets: A turtle, parrot, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, etc.

Peruvian chocolate: "Chocotejas"


  1. Just visit your blog very nice that you love Dark chocolate the best!!! ;)me too .hhmmm this valentine ' day .Do you have for the plan?.....i No plan still working .ok hope you have a nice day.

  2. The photo I used was of the restaurant scene in Old San Juan. I didn't paint it exactly like your picture, but your composition in the photo is amazing!! That is what I feel makes a great painting - the composition...
    Check it out

  3. Yes dark chocolate! My fav too! :D

  4. Mmmmmm, dark chocolate.... You have a wonderful blog, and I enjoyed visiting and learning more about you! Peru looks stunningly beautiful. I would so love to visit one day. Thank you so much for leaving a sweet comment at my place. :)


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