Apr 3, 2009

My Manga Treasury

I was organizing some papers and stuff at home and I found a sketchbook that I used for drawings. While I was checking it, I found some of my Manga drawings that I made some time ago. I love manga, especially for the beautiful faces and hair. Since I was a child I use to get very inspired by manga drawings to create my fashion sketches. It's funny because some of my teachers at the fashion school, noticed that influence. They said that the faces of my fashion illustrations looked a little bit like Manga faces. They wanted me to draw my fashion illustrations with more realistic faces instead of using the manga influence. That wasn't a problem for me, because I like to be able to draw in different ways so I followed their instructions. At the end of the course, they congratulated me for listening of what they said and being open to change. Now I can draw in different ways, if I want to draw with my Manga influence, I do it and if I want to make more realistic faces, I can do it as well. I'm happy to have listened my teachers; I think it's very important to listen in order to learn. I really learned a lot of fashion illustration techniques from them. I'm very thankful with all my teachers :)
I wanted to share with you some of my Manga drawings . I drew these ones with an "extra black" pencil # 555

"Amor mio"


"The girl with the flower"


  1. Hi Giovanna,

    Thank you for viewing my blog!
    I like your blog too!
    I'm also into bohemian fashion and my favourite fashion designer is DVF too.
    I just started fashion school.
    You draw really well. Love your manga drawings! i wish i can draw like that!
    You have a great weekend too!


  2. Giovanna these illusrations are just gorgeous! I would love to see more! Thankyou so much also for the giving Billy & Button an award, it is truly appreciated. Thankyou! Kaili

  3. I love your manga designs! So sweet they are! I also love mangas, especially Osamu Tezuka's books! I'm in love with his Buddha's series. And thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

  4. Hi Giovanna!
    Great sketches!! Thank you for my award..the graphic is not showing on my computer, so I will try later to grab it...
    Have a wonderful day!!:o)

  5. Hello again Giovanna! I received a blog award that I'd like to pass on to you. Also there is a game! Look at my blog for details :)

  6. Hi Giovanna!
    You're so talented =) your drawings are beautiful!
    Thank you so much for the blog award you gave me =)

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments. They encourage me to keep doing what I love.

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  10. This is so cool! I love love your drawings!!

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