Mar 31, 2009

Decoration and Embellishment

For Spring 2009, many designers have enriched their pieces using mixed media such as embellishment and decoration. Even though many people think that the most challenging part of designing is to come up with an idea for a garment (meaning a silhouette), actually I think that incorporating external elements into your designs is another important task as well. I think the designer has to have a great eye and taste to do this because it's not just putting things over something without a clear direction, you have to think about many other things such as the amount of elements you incorporate in order to see a balance between the construction of the garment and these elements ( embellishment, decorative trims, etc), the way those elements affect the piece in terms of comfort and movement, if the fabric is appropriate in terms of weight and texture, etc.
I love to check the runway reports because I always find interesting elements on each piece. On my research I found some pieces that have these mixed elements and I immediately wanted to post the pics.

Pictures source: Doneger Creative Services
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  1. Thanks for sharing...Love the COLLETTE DINNIGAN and Etro!!!

  2. I love the orange outfit. So bright and fun!

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