Mar 25, 2009

Hair styles for Spring 2009


I've always loved braids. When I was a little girl my mom used to send me to school with that hairdo, and I absolutely loved it! I think braids are such a cute look specially if you like boho-romantic hairdos and the best of all is that they're so easy to make!

This trend is comming back for Spring 2009, and of course I'll be doing it myself! I specially like the picture's hairdo because is so feminine and romantic!



  1. Funny how things evolve. I wore these little braids in my hair in Jr High School, 1966-1969, I recall at the time, many of the "cool" kids made fun of me. A year later, the movie remake of Romeo and Juliet came out and the little braids were revived. And here they are again. : )

  2. I Adore braids too!!! Soo cute and feminine!
    Lovely photos!


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