May 2, 2009

Fabrics, fabrics..

What else can I say? I love fabrics. I think I'm a fabric collector..I have so many fabrics at home that I'm not sure if I'd have the time to use them all...I love interesting and beautiful prints. Whenever I go to a fabric store and I see hundreds of fabric rolls, my eyes immediately catch the ones I love. It's not easy because there are so many fabrics to choose from, but I know what elements I want in a piece of fabric, if it's a printed fabric: An interesting print with a feminine touch, a print that reads "happy, feminine and unique"; I also love floral fabrics! I usually look for natural fibers like silk and cotton, or the eco friendly section, if I'm going to make a dress or blouse. I also like solid fabrics with textures that have a soft hand and feel comfortable on the body. Here are some floral and interesting fabrics swatches that I like; they can be use not only for clothing, some of them are suitable for home decor. I'd love to know which one is your favorite :)

Cotton, silk, knits...Which one is your favorite?


These multipurpose fabrics can be use
for home decor, bags or even for clothing.
It depends on your imagination. 100% Cotton






  1. Thankyou for the birthday wishes! These fabrics really are gorgeous, the colours are inspiring!

  2. great fabrics...I love the first, and the last the case you were wondering :)

  3. Thanks for your comments girls!! I love to read them :)

  4. Hi, I think you have a great blog! I love your fashion sketches and the fabrics you pick are wonderful!:)

  5. mmmm...
    Let me see...
    I have more than one favorite fabric...
    I like fabrics number one, four, seven, eight and nine... But I`m sure that if I go to the fabric store I`ll be like you... Sure, sure... I`ll like to have everything...
    I'd like to have a bag, I like so much bags... jejeje...

  6. Those fabrics are absolutely beautiful. I am a handbag designer and I find the patterns and designs in the fabric very inspiring.

    I love your blog, especially your designs and sketches. I would love to do a link exchange with you. Visit me at FA'SHOE'NISTA!

  7. Definitely #6 or #2. They're all really pretty though!

  8. Hello, would you happen to remember the name of # 10? Thank you :)


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