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Couture Fall 2010

Jul 9, 2010

Couture Fall 2010 collections are here darlings! It's always very inspiring to see the impeccable craftsmanship and creativity of these amazing fashion designers. Here's a little review of each collection:
Jean Paul's Gautier's collection has a dark and Gothic-chic feel but in a very sophisticated way. I love the tailoring, details and the new shapes, especially on the shoulders and sleeves, something unexpected and refreshing. I also LOVE the reinvented trench coat (see pic.1 on the left) I love the oversized sleeves, they definitely add an edgy feel to the outfit.
Dior's collection is eye catching because of the bright & beautiful colors and the impeccable construction. Those skirts are beautifully crafted and definitely add the feminine touch to the collection. My favorite piece is the third one, on the left. I adore the colors, black, turquoise and a burgundy belt, what a color combination! Love it!
Givenchy really mastered the art of couture in this collection. The extraordinarily elaborated ornamentation, the details, and texture just blew me away. He said he was inspired by Frida Kalho and her three main elements: Religion, Sensuality and Human Anatomy. Definitely an amazing collection.
Chanel, I've always been a number one fan of Chanel. This collection had a lot of separates, which I love, but I think some of them look a little repetitive to me, maybe it was just because of the silhouettes, especially on the suits. I adore the shoes, accessories and the dresses, as always, are to die for. Once again the details were beautifully crafted. You can see the whole collection HERE.
Elie Saab designs are always beautiful, romantic and feminine. I adore his attention to detail and the fantasy feel of his creations. He really knows how to embrace the woman's body. The models look like they came out from a fairy tale, absolutely gorgeous!
Here are my favorite pieces from each collection, I'd love to know what you think about them!

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Oh la colección de Couture 2010! Un despliegue de arte y creatividad, me encanta ver el talento y mano de obra que se refleja en cada una de las creaciones de estos genios del diseño. Aqui les dejo un pequeño repaso de cada una de sus colecciones:
Jean Paul Gaultier: Esta colección con aires oscuros y gothic-chic me fascinó, muy sofisticada por cierto especialmente en las siluetas y cortes, simplemente impecable! La innovacion en las formas es inesperada y fresca, especialmente en los hombros y mangas. También adoré el trench coat por la forma en la manga y el styling, eso le dio un toque totalmente nuevo al todo el look.
Dior: Esta coleccion llama la atencion de inmediato debido a sus colores y mano de obra impecable. Las faldas son toda una obra de arte, se ve el minucioso trabajo en ellas. Mi outfit favorito es definitivamente el de la izquierda de abajo, esa combinacion de colores es fantastica! Negro, turquesa y la correa color vino, me encanta!
Givenchy: Realmente se lucio con el detalle, la textura y ornamentacion, quede muy impresionada con su trabajo. El dice que se inspiro en Frida Kalho para esta colección y también en los elementos que eran esenciales para Frida como la religión, la sensualidad y la anatomía humana. Definitivamente esta colección es increible.
Chanel: Me confieso fan #1 de Chanel, siempre lo he sido. Esta colección trae muchas piezas separadas y suits, los cuales me gustan mucho, sin embargo, encontré algunas piezas de esta colección algo repetitivas, tal vez sea debido a las siluetas en los suits. Los accesorios y zapatos me fascinaron y los vestidos, como siempre, simplemente maravillosos. Si desean ver toda la colección, pueden ir AQUI.
Elie Saab como siempre haciendo gala de lo hermoso y femenino. Todas sus modelos parecen salidas de un cuento de hadas. Me encanta el toque de fantasía que pone en cada creación y la manera en que acentúa la figura femenina. Todo un genio.
Aquí les dejo mis piezas favoritas de cada colección, espero que les gusten y me encantaría saber que les parece estas colecciones!
Jean Paul Gaultier
Christian Dior
Elie Saab
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On another note, I'd like to say THANK YOU! to these amazing ladies: The sweet Kerri from the blog Ten Things, for making a post about 10 creative women that inspire her, she kindly included me on that list and I'm more than happy and honored to be part of it. Please check out her darling post HERE.
Another sweet lady that I'd like to thank is the lovely Tuesdai, she interviewed me on her blog: A Reflection by Tuesdai, which is one of my favorite blogs! You can read the interview HERE. I'd really appreciate if you leave a little comment there. You'll definitely LOVE both blogs! Thanks a lot darlings. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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Quería darle las gracias a dos lindas bloggers maravillosas: Kerri del blog Ten Things por la hermosa mención en su post de las 10 mujeres que la inspiran, ella amablemente me incluyo en su lista por lo cual me encuentro super contenta y agradecida, pueden visitar el post AQUI.
Otra linda blogger llamada Tuesdai me hizo una pequeña entrevista AQUI, quería darle las gracias a ella por tan lindo gesto. Si desean leer la entrevista solo visiten su lindo blog AQUI y si pudieran dejar un pequeño comentario se los agradecería muchísimo! Ambos blogs les van a encantar. Mil gracias y que tengan un lindo fin de semana!



  1. Love Jean Paul Gaultier.
    Classy Chic, elegant....personality...


  2. I'm with Jaime, the top left photo from Chanel is my favorite. That collection caught my eye more than the others....although the hair in Dior is pretty fantastic :)

  3. fabulous post! thanks for your comments. have a great weekend! :)

    cara mia

  4. love, Dior's stuff is amazing and so is Chanel's but i love the pieces Chloe have shown too---the tailoring is beaut!


  5. i just came across your site & i love it ! its so cute - love the pics! DEF following you ♡
    love the concept !
    id love for you to check out my blog. I constantly host giveaways and interact with my readers.
    My next giveaway will be hosted in a week or so!

    xo elena

  6. truly comments that you write here about every collections.. agree with you.

  7. Great collections! Love the Chanel and those Elie Saab dresses are pretty gorgeous too!

  8. I love the Chanel, Givenchy and Ellie Saab collections!! Stunning xx

    Little Rachael Vintage

  9. This is a fabulous post. Jean Paul Gaultier has always been a favorite of mine, simply because of his risk taking and daring designs. Christian Dior is fabulous as per usual, I love the flirty, ruffled bottoms on these dresses.

    The opulence of Givenchy and Elie Saab is remarkable. I agree, the dresses do look like something out of a beautiful fairytale. They are magnificent and beautifully ethereal.

    I applaud your choices for this post. Stunning, my dear!

  10. The Chanel is my absolute favorite, you simply can't go wrong with Chanel! I would wear any of these outfits, right off the runway! The CD is lovely too, thanks for sharing this peek! XO!

  11. i love that second dress from Elie Saab, I would feel like a princess wearing it.:)

  12. Great commentary. I loved Dior and Givenchy's looks. Haute couture at its finest.

  13. Amazing collections!


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