Jul 19, 2010

Postcards From Boholand

I was thinking the other day about how technology has replaced some simple things such as writing a letter or sending an actual postcard to your beloved ones. Isn't it lovely when you open your mailbox and find a letter from a friend, love or family member? I love that! But please don't take me wrong, I think technology is something that has helped us in many ways, especially the internet, we wouldn't be here writing on our blogs if the internet wouldn't exist.
I think balance is the key for everything; I also think it's possible to combine things such as e-mails with actual postcards, letters, thank you notes, etc. and send them to our beloved ones more often. So one of my goals for this year is to go back to basics a little bit more and send more letters and postcards to my beloved ones, I think everybody loves that. I know some times it's a little hard to take the time to do these things because of our tight schedules, but I think it's worth it if we think someone we love is going to smile or feel happy to see our postcards or letters in their mailboxes. What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for your lovely comments!
Here's a little hand made illustration I made inspired by this topic, I named it: "Postcards from Boholand" I wanted to capture the nostalgic feel, but at the same time to add some bright colors to create a joyful atmosphere. Hope you like it!
If you're interested on a printed copy of this illustration you know that you can always send me a message: or just leave me a comment below. Hope you're having a lovely Monday darlings! xo

El otro día estuve pensando acerca de como la tecnología había reemplazado muchas cosas simples como por ejemplo escribir una carta o enviar una postal. No se siente lindo cuando recibimos estas cosas por correo ya sean de parte de un amigo, familia o amor? A mi me encantan! Pero eso no quiere decir que yo no este de acuerdo con la tecnología, al contrario pienso que ha sido de gran ayuda en casi todas nuestras actividades, sobre todo el internet, no estaríamos escribiendo en nuestros blogs si no fuera por la tecnología. Pienso que el balance es la clave para todo, también pienso que es posible combinar cosas como e-mails, cartas, postales o notas de agradecimiento y enviarselas a nuestros seres queridos, creo que a todo el mundo le gusta recibir estas cosas. Se que a veces no es facil tomarse el tiempo de hacerlos debido a nuestras múltiples ocupaciones, pero pienso que vale la pena ya que pensar que alguien que queremos va a sonreir o sentirse feliz con esto, es suficiente para hacer el esfuerzo. Me encantaria saber lo que piensan. Gracias por sus lindos comentarios. Aqui les dejo una ilustración a mano que hice justamente inspirada en este tema, el titulo es: "Postcards from Boholand". Quise capturar el aire nostalgico y a la vez agregarle un toque de color para crear alegria en el ambiente. Espero que les guste! Si les interesara una copia impresa de esta ilustracion, por favor no duden en comunicarse por email o dejandome un comentario en este post.
Mil gracias y que tengan un lindo día!



  1. what a lovely illustration! i don't even remember the last time i got a letter in my mailbox.. sad but true!

    peace and love

  2. Great illustration!

    I love sending and receiving letters! Some of my closest friends have scattered all over the country, so we write back and forth. I also have a friend that's away for the summer, so we send each other small gifts. I love getting's the highlight of my day (on the occasions that I get it!)

  3. Beautiful illustration. To receive a e-mail is good, but a postcard is so much better! It looks like the person who sent it cares about you. :)


  4. That is adorable Giovanna, I love it!

  5. i do agree with you. there should be a balance. and there really isn't anything like getting a postcard or letter in the mail, even a little package. so delighful!
    that's an amazing illustration. what program did you use? or is it drawn by hand?

  6. Hey!

    These are'll be hearing from me soon!!!! You should place the design on totes next...OMG, I am your number #1 fan!!!

  7. i love letters =]
    and it's funny, haha the topic title you gave it, "Postcards from Boholand" is so much like my blog name, "postcards from dreamland"

    ps- i love that illustration, too =P

  8. Hi darlings! Thanks for your comments :) They always make my day! :D
    For Yelena: Thanks darling, it's a hand drawn/painted illustration :)
    For Lulu: Thanks sweetie! Yes that's true it's almost like your lovely blog's tittle, I just noticed :D xoxo

  9. Me encantó la ilustración!!! xoxo

  10. I miss receiving letters too, but what I really miss is holiday cards! The amount of cards received each year has dwindled in the face of the internet invitation, greeting and holiday card.

    I would prefer something I could keep over an internet greeting card!


  11. I agree 100% G! I LOVE getting letters in the mail.

    Your illustration is beautiful as always!! ♥ Love the nostalgic feel.

  12. I adore letters and postcards, in fact your plan is beautiful Giovanna. I might even encourage my dear friends to be more pen-worthy. We do rely a lot on technology. The soft sweetness of letters. Unparalleled.

    Peace, X

  13. you are so right!!i can't even remember how long it has been since i got a letter!and i used to love opening the envelope!!!!!

  14. the illustration is gorgeous but i still think that getting a letter is so much nicer. everything now is typed emailed instant. its nice when someone takes the time to sit and write down their thoughts


  15. Beautiful illustration Giovanna!

    Taking time to write a letter, draw a picture or just sign your name in a card with a few extra x's and o's tells someone you care.

    I love to write a note in a card, for that reason, I always buy cards that are blank inside.


  16. This has to be one of my favorite illustrations of yours. I love handwritten mail and think it is a lost art form!
    Good reflection!
    <3 Anna

  17. That's a beautiful postcard! I LOVE writing letters and sending them through snail mail. I used to have a lot of pen pals as a teenager ans still keep in touch with some of them after 15 years! It's a great feeling to find an envelope in the mailbox!

    Hope you'rw having a great week!



  18. Gorgeous illustration and lovely idea about snail mail. I hosted an Operation Snail Mail on my blog after hearing about it from Tammy on the Memory Bean Designs Blog.

    You are so talented!! Have a fantastic day, sweetie :)

  19. PS, you should sell your illustrations on Etsy! Everybody loves Etsy, lol.

  20. love the illustration, very nice!

  21. Hey again,

    ...I gave you a "Prom Queen" Blog Award.

  22. las unicas cartas q recibi fue cuando era niña y mi papa fue a estudiar un año a otra ciudad .... ahora con la tecnologia todo es mas facil no?

    me gusto tu ilustracion

    muy lindaa

  23. Gorgeous illustration! Love everything about it.

  24. I couldn't agree more with you. Theres something so exciting, so personal about recieving a letter in the mail, or a postcard. I love it.. getting an email just isn't the same.
    I use to have tons of pen pals when I was younger and loved opening up the mailbox and seeing a hand written letter.


  25. Nothing beats sending or receiving snail mail!

  26. This is so true, I love letters =) Great illustration

  27. I totally agree! I love it when I receive an actual postcard or letter in the mail... but I wouldn't trade my iphone for anything. :)

  28. Hola Givannita:
    Linda postal, te contare que a mi me encanta enviar y sobre todo recibir cartitas de als perosnas queridas, es lindo saber que alguien se acuerda de ti ys e toma un tiempo para escribirte aun en este mundo que va tan de prisa. Auqnue la tecnologia ayuda y mucho, es un detalle mucho mas lindo recibir cartitas de alguien que te ha escrito a puño y letra e incluso pegó o hizo algun dibujito.. jaja yo lo hice asi dos veces sobre todo a personas que quise y quiero mucho, es un gran detalle.
    Te cuento que aqui en Lima hace mucho mucho frio, pero increiblemente sale un sol precioso que aunque no calienta le da un brillo especial a la vida. Que lindo es Dios.

    Que tengas un lindo fin de semana y que Dios te bendiga.


  29. I hope you know that this is one of the most beautiful illustrations you've put together yet! Absolutely stunning. I love both snail mail and the internet. And I agree with you, we must try to find some kind of balance, do a little of both.

    You are so very talented. This illustration is amazing!

  30. Cute illustration! You're so talented. I spend the summer away from my guy and sent him a post card every week. I totally agree that handwritten notes are much better than emails or phone calls!


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