Nov 15, 2009

Chunky Jewelry...

What do you think? Do you like chunky jewelry? Do you like to use lots of jewelry at once? Well, as you may know, this is a trend that is really hot these days. I’ve seen it everywhere, magazines, streets, photos, etc. It’s inspired by the 80’s and Madonna's look. I think the updated version is very cool. I like to use bracelets and chunky rings, but I don’t like diamonds or ridiculously expensive jewelry, I prefer vintage or handmade jewelry, long chains, earrings, etc. but keeping the balance with the rest of the outfit like in picture 4 or 5, but this is just my personal taste…because I’ve seen girls with lots of jewelry and they look nice. I love these photos as inspiration, I think everyone can get inspire and then adapt each look to their own personal style.
Hope you have a lovely Monday!

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Ustedes que piensan? Les gusta las joyas de ese estilo, sortijas grandes, brazaletes, collares largos, todo a la vez? Seguro que se han dado cuenta que esta es una tendencia muy de moda en estos dias; el estilo esta inspirado en los 80s y el look de Madonna; pienso que la versión moderna de ese estilo es bastante fresca. A mi me gustan las sortijas grandes, pero nada de diamantes o joyas absurdamente caras, prefiero las joyas vintage o hechas a mano, collares largos, aretes, pero manteniendo el balance con el resto del outfit como en la foto 4 o 5, pero es solo mi gusto personal, ya que he visto chicas con muchas joyas a la vez y se les ve bien. Me gustaron mucho estas fotos como inspiración, pienso que uno puede inspirarse y después adaptar el estilo al gusto personal.
Espero que tengan un lindo Lunes!

Photos via: We heart it, skinny,, Fashionising



  1. Me gusta tu diario, usted!

  2. I love layering chunky pieces! Fabulous photos!

  3. I love the rings, all the rings in those pictures...very cute!!!

  4. Hi there,ive just come across your blog. I love this look of wearing lots of jewellery, although when I wear alot I tend to get uncomfortable.


  5. I love jewelry, especially chunky ones.

  6. I love big chuncky jewellery and going all out with the 'bling'. Jewellery is definitly one of my favourite things in the world.

  7. Hello, dear Giovanna!!!
    Finally I come back here, I missed you and your blog :)
    I love wearing many pieces of jewelry at once! But as you, I don't wear expensive you know, I like handmade one! :)))
    Have a lovely Monday too!

  8. Giovanna: aprovecho tu blog para confesarlo...
    Soy adicta a los collares, especialmente los largos, hindúes, artesanales...
    Cualquier lugar me sirve para seguir colgándolos!!!
    Así que el post de hoy es genial!!!

  9. Loving all the jewelry!

  10. Chunky jewelry is great. Personally, though, I think that wearing two or three striking pieces brings more attention to the jewelry than wearing many pieces at once. Less is more for me! :)

  11. I adore chunky jewellery, but never wear it myself as...I'm lazy haha.

  12. I wasn't sure how I felt about the big chunky jewelry at first, but now it's really grown on me! I think some people can pull it off better than I could though :) I'm chunky enough all by myself! LOL
    Have a great week Giovanna!

  13. Oh I love chunky jewelry, especially wearing more than two or three pieces at one time...but I'm not sure how to pull it off or how to match them I end up wearing only one or two at a time:P

  14. I love to wear statement jewelry, but not a lot at one time. I am a little more simple.

  15. lovin this so much, 80s madonna is liek one of my fave looks, the last pic is deffo my fave, may I just say the music on your blog is awesome I'm having my own personal rave here xx

  16. no me gusta usarla, pero me encanta verla.
    muchas gracias por visitar mi blog!

  17. I love this trend. I continuously want my wrists and fingers to be covered in jewelry - the chunkier the better!

  18. in love with pics 5 and 7!!
    thank you sweet one for my award!!!!! i was soooooo surprised and grateful!!!!

  19. Its really funny because I love seeing girls and women wear a ton of jewelry, its so fun and I love the different styles I get to see, but for me I can't stand wearing more than ONE piece, hell if I could be naked completely 100% of the time I would haha
    but it really is amazing to see the chunky jewelry on others

  20. rings are the best! huge fat chunk rings are my FAVORITE accessory

  21. I am not use to wear much jewelry, because my son born, but I love them!

    I like woman's with a lot's of bracelet. Big rings I don 't like.

  22. I love chucky jewelry, and I really like this trend however I find it really impractical. I can't wear too many bracelets and rings all at once otherwise I can't type or write. I think it's a great look though. Great post, Giovanna. The pictures are really inspiring.

  23. Gorgeous pics! I am loving that last image! Have a sweet day!

  24. I can't wear chunky jewelry as they are too big for me. I rather like pieces that are unique in design that I never tire of. Sounds like a tall order, doesn't it?

  25. I love Miley Cyrus's jewelry. she just knows how to put together chains and crucifixes and all her bracelets :D

    i heart your blog :)



  26. yes!! love chunky jewelry...I have a favorite big 'ol ring that I wear all the time...

    ps...I've been catching up on all of your posts that I've missed...I always love your finds :)

  27. i love wearing rings on all my fingers all the time

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    Realiza mais de este blogue, aos teus cybernautas.

  29. Naaaah! I love the look to have the hands covered in jewelry, but please not with these bulky, chunky ones!

    I'm a "pile-up addict" that loves to combine 5 or even 6 very thin rings on one finger! If the pieces are too chunky, you'll obviously run out of space! (lol)



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