Jan 20, 2010

Giveaway Alert!

It's giveaway time! Yay! I'm so glad that the lovely Joanna from the blog: Lifestylebohemia is kindly giving away one of her beautiful pieces to one lucky Boho Market reader. It's an adorable bracelete hand-woven in green cotton thread. the Leaf link is sterling silver and it ties closed with a simple knot.
To win this darling bracelet, you just need to follow these steps:
1. Become a follower of Boho Market, if you're already a follower, please mention it on your comment :)
2. Go to Brooklyn Thread store and then come back letting me know on your comment which piece is your favorite!
3. Only 1 comment per person. This is a worldwide giveaway! Yay!
You can leave your comment until next Monday, Jan. 25. I'll announce the winner on Wednesday (Jan. 27) Thanks and good luck to everyone!!

❉ ✿ ✿ ❉ ✿ ✿ ❉

Sorteo, siii! Estoy super contenta de que la linda Joanna del blog: Lifestylebohemia haya tenido la gentileza de permitirme sortear entre los seguidores de Boho Market, una de sus hermosas piezas. Es un brazalete trenzado a mano con hilos de algodón color verde, también lleva un adorno en forma de hoja de plata esterlina. El brazalete es ajustable con un simple nudo.
Para ganar este lindo brazalete solo tienes que seguir los siguiente pasos:
1. Volverte seguidor de Boho Market, si ya lo eres, por favor mencionalo en tu comentario :)
2. Visita Brooklyn Thread luego regresa y dejame un comentario mencionando cual pieza de la colección es tu favorita!
3. Solo un comentario por persona. Todo el mundo puede participar, sin importar donde estés, sii!!
Pueden dejar sus comentarios hasta el proximo Lunes, 25 de Enero. Anunciaré el ganador o ganadora el próximo Miércoles (Enero 27) Gracias y buena suerte a tod@s!!

Silver Leaf Link Bracelet


  1. Great giveaway. I'm a follower and just went to the online store: I love the bracelet with the silver key.

  2. the gold balance bar bracelet is really pretty.
    i'm a follower - great blog!

  3. Mi pieza preferida es Mint Czech Glass & Leather Woven Bracelet (me encanta el color azul!)
    Soy seguidora! mi mail es

  4. 1- Ya soy seguidora
    2- Mi pieza favorita es Silver Daisy Bracelet (si fiera morada mas aun)

  5. looks fabulous! I gave you an award. At the moment, I'm working on the post, so call in!

  6. Oooh, my eyes are saying yummmm! :)
    I especially like the Mint Czech Glass & Leather Woven Bracelet - I loooove the color turquoise.
    Oh yeah, and I've been a follower for quite a while.

  7. Te sigo Giovanna y me encanta este sorteo!!!
    Mi pieza favorita es Mint Czech Glass and Leather Woven Bracelet, pues amo el color turquesa (y parece que somos muchas las que adoramos este color!!!).
    Besos and have a nice day!!!

  8. Ya soy seguidora.. y bueno, me apunto al sorteo evidentemente.. Mi pieza favorita? la verdad es que me gustan todas.. tiene muy buen gusto.. !! Me encanta sobre todo una pulsera de turquesa y madera, "TURQUOISE & WOOD CONTRAST BEAD BRACELET", es preciosa.. sera que me encanta la bisuteria hecha con madera, me chiflan los anillos de este material.

  9. I love your giveaways, thanks for this chance.

    With Brooklyn Thread, I love their Silver Lotus Link Bracelet.

    Oh and I'm a follower of your blog.


  10. Iam a follower Giovanna.I went to her shop couldnt really decide,loved them all lol.I do like the wooden beads though,gorgeous!

  11. Oh another lovely giveaway!

    I adore the silver daisy bracelet and I'm of course a follower, dear:)


  12. I'm a follower :)

    I think my favourite piece is the gold and black leather woven bracelet. So everyday wearable.

  13. I am a new follower! =)

    I think honestly my favourite piece is the Silver Leaf Link Bracelet, it's so pretty & kinda elvish looking =)

    Enelya xx

  14. Love your blog & Im definetly a follower :-)
    the leaf necklace is so lovely, and my fave of all is silver nugget & leather woven bracelet although the whole collection is beautiful!

  15. Hola! ahora soy seguidora en twitter tambien :)
    Me encantó el Mint Czech Glass & Leather Woven Bracelet

  16. Me apunto yo también ^-^
    Ya te estoy siguiendo :)

    A mi el que más me ha gustado es el Silver Handcuffs Link Bracelet, es precioso!

    crossing fingers:)

    un beso

  17. Silver Handcuffs Link Bracelet is my favorite. Absolutely cute!

    And, for sure, I'm your follower! ;)

    Marina G.

  18. Hello! I'm a follower and I love the green leaf bracelet! I was also drawn to the handcuff bracelet...I am a big advocate in the fight against human trafficking and the handcuffs remind me of the importance of freedom for all people!

  19. I'm a follower! I love the Mint Czech glass & leather woven bracelet!

  20. The Mint Czech Glass bracelet is amazing!

  21. Mi brazalete preferido es el de turquesas de la página tercera.
    Un besazo, guapa


  22. Pair of amazonite and wood bead bracelets is my absolute favorite. I am following you on fb. thanks for the opportunity! :O)

  23. yayy!! super excited for this giveaway! I'm already a follower (:

    From Brooklynthread, I like the White Turquoise Charmed Bead Bracelet because it looks like pearls but is actually made of stone! I also like how all the products are so zen!

  24. hey! how are you?
    i realized i was not following your blog yet!!
    anyways thanks for telling me for the giveaway, there have really cool stuff!
    i loved the Silver Nugget & Leather Woven Bracelet but it s sold out.. =(
    otherwise i really love the Silver Heart Key Bracelet.. (i love keys hehe)

    Hope you re surviving the storm hehe


  25. Hola Giovanna,
    ayer descubri tu blog y me gusto bastante. Y hoy justo veo lo del sorteo, asi que bueno, te cuento que me gusto el brazalte Pair of Jade and Wood Bead.
    Ah, y me acabo de hacer seguidora!

    Tambien tengo un blog, a ver si te puedes dar una vuelta (no es de moda, pero en tu perfil veo que te gusta el arte)

  26. Hey honey. Looks like its going to be a lovely giveaway. I loke the white turquoise charmed bead bracelet. It's beautiful.

    Hope you are having a great year so far and a wonderful evening.

  27. Great giveaway! Love your blog too.
    (new follower).


  28. I just started following your blog, I love it!!! And all the bracelets are super cute great for stacking,but I like the turquoise and wood contrast bracelet with the feather!!!!

  29. Hi Giovanna darling!!
    I love the Silver Om bracelet with turquoise beads, just adorable!!

    I'll send you photos soon for our little giveaway!! I'm so excited!
    Hugs to you my friend,

  30. Mi favorito definitivament es el silver Nugget & Leather Woven Bracelet.

    Me encanta el color plata y creo que luciria bien en mi :)
    Si soy fan de tu pagina, es mas me olvide comentarte que mi vestido favorito fue el de Giniffer Goodwin, esa chica es super fashion! besos
    mi correo es

  31. ola! me he enamorado de esa pulserita!! lila!! ....hazme ganar!jajajjajaja

  32. Great giveaway G.. I'm a follower on Twitter and FB. Retweeted this and visted the BT site/online store. I love the gold & leather woven wrap bracelet! Swoon.


  33. Gorgoeus bracelet! I love all BT pieces. My favorite is the one with turquoise beads.

  34. I just stumbled upon this blog and am already a follower! :)

    I love the "Turquoise & Wood Contrast Bead Bracelet" ^_^

  35. I'm a follower here ;-) Lovely blog! Just visited Brooklyn Thread and my favorite was the Czech Glass & Leather Woven Wrap Bracelet.

  36. hello lovely!

    wow, such a lovely giveaway and gorgeous shop!

    i love this silver bracelet the most:

    Of course, i am already a follower.


  37. My favourite is the Silver Om Link & Turquoise Bead Bracelet.
    I love love LOVE all things "Om", and I LOVE turquoise stones.
    All the jewellry is gorgeous!!

  38. Hi I'm Sandra and I'm a follower of your blog Boho Market, I love your fashion illustrations. I studied fashion design and that is my favorite part. I would like to participate in the giveaway. My favorite piece is Czech Glass & Leather Woven Wrap Bracelet.
    Thanks and Success !!!

  39. Habeer, a mi me parece liiindo el "Suede & Brass Bracelet" y sip, sigo tu blog.


  40. I think I like the silver hammered disk bracelet the best...really nice, simple it!

    and I'm a follower...

    great giveaway...thanks!!

  41. Hola desde México!!! I've just discovered your blog and now I'm a follower! I really liked the Turquoise & Wood Contrast Bead Bracelet, to me it reminds me of the four elements (turquoise-water, wood-earth, golden beads-fire, and the litte feather charm -wind). Great!

    Keep on blogging!

    Besos y abrazos,

  42. Hi, I am your follower. My fav is Silver Nugget & Leather Woven Bracelet. But all are very wearable and lovely. Thanks!
    lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

  43. Hola mi favorito es Silver & Leather Woven Bracelet. Me encanta!!

  44. I'm so slow!!!!! I missed this, but wanted to thank you for visiting and for hosting such a sweet giveaway!
    Love the karma bracelets, have never seen them before!
    Good luck to the winner and have a great week Giovanna!


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