Feb 2, 2010

Five Ways to get the Boho Chic Look

The Boho look is a very popular trend that we see in different collections. As you may know, this trend is inspired by the 60's and 70's fashion, which is my favorite period! The hippie or bohemian style has evolved into the Boho Chic style, which is a mix of a free spirited attitude with flowy pieces and fabulous prints. Brands like Free People, Lucky Brand, Odd Molly, etc. carry these kind of pieces. Designers like DVF, Anna Sui and Rebecca Taylor, have the Boho Chic influence on their designs as well. The good thing about the boho chic look is that you can recreate it no matter the season. The other day someone asked me about how to recreate the boho look and what the key elements are; that's why I decided to make a post about it. I think there are different ways to put the boho look together, so I created some looks to show you better what I mean. Thanks for your lovely comments that always make my day. Hope you're having a great week so far! xoxo
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El look Boho es una tendencia bastante popular que podemos ver en diferentes colecciones. Como deben saber, esta tendencia esta inspirada en la moda de los 60's y 70's, la cual es mi época favorita! El estilo hippie o bohemio ha evolucionado para convertirse en el estilo Boho Chic, el cual es una mezcla de una actitud mas libre con delicadas piezas y hermosos estampados. Marcas como Free People, Lucky Brand, Odd Molly, etc. y diseñadoras como DVF, Anna Sui y Rebecca Taylor, también llevan esta influencia en sus diseños. Lo mejor de este estilo es que se puede llevar en cualquier estación. El otro día, alguien me preguntó como podría ella armar un look boho y que elementos esenciales debería llevar dicho look; por eso fue que decidí hacer este post. Pienso que hay diferentes maneras de obtener el look boho, por eso arme algunos para mostrarles a lo que me refiero exactamente. Mil gracias por sus lindos comentarios que siempre me alegran el día. Espero que estén teniendo una linda semana! xoxo

Look 1-Bohemian Flair

This look is the classic Boho, very feminine and flirty! It has all the elements to look like a boho girl:
Este look es el clásico Boho, muy femenino y coqueto! Tiene todos los elementos para lucir como una chica Boho:

* Printed and flowy dress
* Headband
* Fringe Boots
* Chuncky jewelry
* Free spirited hairdo

Look 2-Free Spirit:

This look is more relaxed, and easy to put together. The key element here is the mix of a romatic-flowy blouse with a faux leather vest and a pair of printed leggins.

Este look es super relajado y fácil de armar. El elemento clave es la mezcla de la blusa femenina y romántica con un vest de cuero sintético y un par de leggins con estampados.

* Romantic blouse
* Printed leggins
* Faux leather Vest
* Fringe boots
* Free spirited hair
*Long necklaces and chunky bracelets


Look 3-Romantic Boho

This is a softer Boho look with a little urban touch. I played with textures and neutrals. The bag is the colorful piece on this outfit.
Este es un look boho mas suave con un pequeño toque urbano. Jugué un poco con las texturas y con colores neutrales. La cartera es la pieza colorida en este outfit.

*Knitted cardigan
*Romantic blouse
* Headband
* Chunky Jewelry and belt


4. Boho Spirit

A Romantic embroidered dress is another lovely element to get a Boho look, and if you pair it with a feminine cardigan , it looks even better.

Un vestido romántico con bordados es otro elemento lindo en el look Boho, y si lo unes a un cardigan femenino, luce todavía mejor.

*Embroidered mini dress
*Knitted cardigan
* Boots
* Bracelets
* Headband
* Oversized bag

5. Sweet Bohemian

The Maxi dress is another key element in a boho look and if it has a bold print, it looks even better. I also wanted to add an ethnic touch to the outfit so I picked a chunky necklace with some ethnic details.

El vestido Maxi es otro elemento en este look Boho y si este lleva un estampado fuerte, luce todavía mejor. También quise agregar un toque etnico al outfit, así que escogí un collar grueso de estilo étnico.

*Maxi Dress
*Laced Cardigan
*Oversized bag


*Additional Look*

Boho Glam!

The floral dress is a romantic and feminine element. To get a glamorous boho look, I just added a trendy element-Over the knee boots-. I also love to combine floral patterns with bright solid colors!

El vestido floral es un elemento romántico y femenino. Para alcanzar un look Boho con glamour, solo he agregado un elemento trendy-botas encima de la rodilla-. También adoro combinar los estampados florales con colores sólidos y fuertes.

* Floral dress
* Cardigan
* Over the knee boots
* Handbag and chunky jewelry



  1. I love all the boho looks you put together! I agree that all of these elements create a very boho chic look indeed:)


  2. aww...I love those pictures!! great outfit and great job girl :-)

  3. Divinos los vestidos!!!
    Que tengas una linda semana!!!

  4. oooo i am really loving the free spirit look and the boho spirit. wish those outfits could magicaly appear in my arms. so lovely. xo
    peace & love!

  5. I love all these looks. thanx for the advice, it's beautiful.

  6. Darling photos! I love the inspiration!! I've got a little dress on, sweater over (it's cold here), leggings and boots!! LOVE IT!!
    Hugs to you dear!

  7. love all of these looks!

    want every single one of them in my closet!!!

    such talent from you!


  8. Love all the looks! Very cute outfits..I want all of them =)
    Forever Boho!!!
    Peace & Love

  9. Look #4 is my favorite!

  10. the boho look reminds me of vanessa's style in gossip girl. my faves are the sweet bohemian style and the bohemian flair.

  11. I love the Boho style. I love the looks you've picked. I can't wait to try them.

  12. perfect post love it!! can't wait for warm weather I find cold very "un-boho"!!

  13. Gorgeous post! Love everything about it!

  14. Gorgeous look!
    Love evrything about it!

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  16. I love the Boho Spirit look!


  17. I love this post! I can't wait until spring so I can seriously pull all these looks off properly. :)
    I hope you are having a wonderful week, my dear! xoxo

  18. All of these looks are beautiful. But my favorites are 1, because of the beautiful colors, 3 for its sophistication, and 5 for its ethereal chic.

    Love you much.

  19. love your style, girl... great minds think alike, no? ;)

  20. Boho style is my favorite! Thank you so much for the different inspirations! I think I liked the fourth one best!

  21. I think the first and last look are my favorites. Really great article. :-)

  22. OHHHHH me ha encantado este post! todos los looks boho que has armado me gustan! pero mis preferidos son Sweet Bohemian, Romantic Boho y Bohemian Flair!!!!
    Un besote Giovannita!

  23. ¡Qué looks tan bonitos! Me encanta tu estilo y todo lo que propones. Un beso


  24. Love every one of those looks!
    Nice Blog girl :)

  25. One of my favorite post girlie! (next to the interview u did of me of course! haha)
    But seriously, i love these looks and I think you did a wonderful job and putting them together!

  26. i'm realizing i'm one of those people who can't pull off boho-chic, though i do love and often wear my maxi dress!
    xoxo alison

  27. el outfit de la foto n° 4 simplemente sensacional!!

    un abrazo

  28. Giovanna, eres toda una maestra del look boho, mi mayor inspiracion te felicito por tu trabajo, aca en Peru, se ve muy poco del boho solo por partecitas pero el look completo es cuestion de armarlo! Cariños desde tu tierra (nuestra mayor inspiracion)

  29. super cute blog! i have a love for the boho chic look. my favorite place to get my unique bohemian outfits is they have so many interesting things for super good prices. i totally would suggest it to anyone!:)


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