Dec 15, 2009

Handmade Goodies to Share!

First of all, I wanted to thank you all for leaving your lovely comments on my first giveaway!! You're very supportive and fabulous!
If you haven't entered yet, don't forget that you still have a couple of hours to participate Here
As you may know, besides my passion for fashion design, I also love arts and craft; I love to shop handmade, vintage, and one of a kind pieces.
I appreciate handmade, that's why Independent artists, artisans, designers, are always very welcome on Boho Market!
Christmas is almost here and for me the true meaning of Christmas is to share love with others, to be thankful for all the blessings, and to be a much better person the following year...and since we're talking about sharing, why can't we share some lovely handmade goodies and make someone else happy? Yeah!! So here are some of my favorite handmade pieces that I'd love to give and receive for Christmas (I really hope Santa comes through my window and likes the chocolate chip cookies I'm going to leave for him) ;)
I made a collage of different pieces from very talented people, hope you enjoy them!
What do you wish for Christmas?...I wish I could see my family soon and share wonderful moments :)
I also wish the very best to all of you!! ♥♥
❉ ✿ ✿ ❉ ✿ ✿ ❉

Primero que todo quería agradecerles muchísimo por sus lindos comentarios sobre el sorteo!! Gracias por el apoyo fabuloso que siempre me dan! Si todavia no haz participado no te olvides que todavía te quedan algunas horas mas para hacerlo Aqui
Como ya deben saber, además de mi pasión por el diseño de modas, también me encanta el arte y las manualidades; me encanta comprar cositas hechas a mano, vintage o únicas en su tipo. Aprecio mucho las cosas hechas a mano, por eso los artesanos, diseñadores y artistas independientes siempre serán bienvenidos en Boho Market!
La Navidad esta muy cerca, y para mi el verdadero significado de esta es compartir amor con otros, estar agradecidos por todas las bendiciones y hacer el compromiso de ser todavía mejor personas el próximo año...y ya que hablamos de compartir, porque no compartir algunas cosillas hechas a mano y hacer feliz con esto a otra persona? Sii!! Aquí les dejo algunas piezas favoritas que me encantaría regalar y recibir ( Espero con ansias que Santa Claus venga por mi ventana y se coma las galletas que le voy a dejar y que le gusten tanto, que decida dejarme algunos regalitos ;)
Espero que les guste el pequeño collage que hice con diferentes productos de gente muy talentosa!
Que desean para navidad? Yo solo deseo poder compartir con mi familia muy pronto y pasarla lindo con ellos
como siempre :) Deseo también lo mejor de lo mejor para todos ustedes!! ♥♥
Colorful Dream!
Link Love 1:
1. Free as a Feather Peace Owl Mobile:
2. Inspire original watercolor:
3. Frida Kahlo with Tulips:
4. It's gonna be a bright bright sunshiny day:
5. Pink rose & Green Turquoise Necklace:

Lovely Jewelry!
Link Love 2
8. Heart shaped broken China pendant: Marjorie's Cracked plate jewelry
9. Early 1900 lavalier with Amethyst and pearl pendant:
10.Pair of turquoise and wood bead bracelets:
11. Flowers in the rain earrings:
12. Aqua flight Brass Necklace:



  1. So many pretty, pretty, pretty, handmade things!

    Love them all!

    Thanks Giovanna!

    I appreciate you!



  2. aww these are too cute!!! Love

  3. Lovely jewelry, Giovana!!

    I love handmade pieces, it means so much more as a gift than something just bought:)


  4. You are so great to support independent artists!! I love them all... Tascha's paintings are really cool!

    xoxo kt

  5. love them all sweet one!!
    love the support you show to us creative beings!!!

  6. yay, I love handmade stuffs too.. <3

  7. There are a few Marc Jacobs handbags that I wouldn't mind finding under my tree!

    I entered the giveaway!


  8. i love the christmas spirit and the feeling of just being selfless & sharing the love! all these pieces are so cute, they'd make great christmas presents. thanks for sharing!!

  9. Cuántas cosas tan pero tan bonitas!!!
    En Navidad sólo espero poder un lindo momento en paz con mi familia!!!

  10. me encnata el nº8, es precioso!
    1 besazo guapa

  11. Giovannita! a mí también me gustan las manualidades y aquellas cosas que calificamos como "chucherias". Me parecen re lindaaas, mi favorito, aquella figura de la mujer con trencitas :) me hizo acordar a Frida Kahlo.
    Qué quiero para Navidad? Salud y felicidad...nada más


  12. Que de cositas!!! y todo muy original..


  13. Such lovely items! :) I hope you are having a wonderful week.

  14. hello friend :)
    thank you for including my peace owl feather mobile with all this handmade goodness. so lovely!
    happy holidays!
    peace, love & cheer!

  15. Oh, so many pretty things! I love it!
    Gi, can you give me your email? I want to make a proposal for you!


  16. Wow I love that China pendant! so pretty

  17. How lovely of you to post about all these handcrafted products! Thank you for including my broken china pendant. You're truly a loyal, faithful friend. Thanks for supporting handmade!

  18. Darling Giovanna,
    I'm so excited you picked my lovely Boho Girl Necklace! You are such a sweetheart! Work is still super busy for me, but I hope to get some photos to you soon for my illustration!! I'm so excited to have you create an outfit for me!!
    Love and hugs to you,

  19. Nice jewellery! Love it ;))

  20. Hi Giovanna!
    Thank you so much for including my turquoise & wood bead bracelets - very much appreciated!

  21. I love all of these, especially the Acqua Flight Brass necklace! xoxox :)

  22. Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.

  23. Ohhhhh, how I love handmade gifts! Especially the high quality stuff you posted and so much of that is found on etsy. It's so hard to choose which gifts to purchase. I'm trying to get into the habit of making my gifts for the holiday. It's hard because I work everyday and when I get home, I'm usually spent after dinner and my workout.

    Oh well, I'll try to be ready for next year.

    Have a great evening, sweetie. Once again, you've shared great ideas.

  24. ayy ya kiero ver los resultados! uy my God!!!! te he dejado un premio en mi blog! pliss pasa a verlo!muchos besitos giovanna!

  25. These are all so lovely, but I think number 3 is my fave!!!

  26. So many beautiful pieces. I love the Silver Dog necklace!

  27. So many great things! I definitely plan to give some homemade treats this year. Chocolate covered pretzel sticks dipped in sprinkles! So easy and pretty.

  28. Pero que bonitas cosas pusiste en el collage!!!!! Todo muy mono, yo tambièn quiero pasarla lindo con la familia en esta Navidad creo que es lo màs importante! saludos nena y gracias spor pasarte por mi blog!

  29. oh i love your etsy selections :)

  30. they are all so pretty! I hear the feathered one the most..=)

    Click here to POP YOUR FASHION PILL

  31. pretty!!!

  32. Well, you are the sweetest!!!
    I popped in to say hello, and saw my watercolor right in front of me ~~

    Happy Holidays to you Giovanna!

  33. How pretty! I tried to buy almost all handmade things this year. It makes the gifts so special.

  34. I love the Frida Kahlo! ;)

  35. Love your choices!

  36. Me gustó la cadena con las cuentas azules, nº 12. Una preciosidad. Pero en general, todo lo que has puesto es bonito y apetecible.
    Un beso, guapa



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