Sep 2, 2009

For the love of Dr Martens' boots...

I thought that it would be cool to make a post about this fashion trend that many people love, but sometimes it gets mixed reactions, I'm talking about the classic and famous Dr. Martens' boots!
The idea of this post came from the comment of a lovely reader of this blog, J. She asked me about the idea of buying a pair of Dr Martens' boots:
"I've been wanting some classic doc marten 8-hole boots forEVER and wondered what you thought... I want to wear them with dresses and stuff, or just my regular black skinnies and thick belt. is that too overdone?"
Thanks J for inspiring me to make this post!
I don't think your idea would look overdone, in fact I love it! So I started thinking about other possible looks to go with those boots, but this is just my point of view and personal taste. I love to create different looks and I enjoy doing it!
Ok first, here are some of my favorite Dr Martens' boots:

*Versión en Español*
Pensé que seria divertido hacer un post acerca de esta tendencia que a mucha gente le gusta, pero a veces desata diferentes reacciones, hablo de las clásicas y no menos famosas botas Dr Martens!
La idea de hacer este post vino a raíz de un comentario de una linda lectora de este blog. J me pregunto si debía comprar o no un par de estas botas:
"Siempre he querido unas botas Dr Martens con 8 agujeros, pero me gustaría saber que opinas? Quisiera ponérmelas con vestidos y demás, o solo con mis pitillos negros y una correa gruesa, crees que sea demasiado?
Gracias J por inspirarme ha hacer este post! Honestamente, no creo para nada que tu idea se vea recargada, de hecho me encantó! Por eso comence a pensar en otros posibles looks que pudieran combinar con esas botas, pero ojo, este es solo mi punto de vista y mi gusto personal. Me encanta crear diferentes looks y disfruto haciéndolo!
Asi que aqui les va algunas de las botas Dr Martens que me gustan:

Dr. Martens 1960 Original Boot

*A little Twist from the original*

Black lace-up boots

Lace up ankle boots

Dr. Martens Miranda Boot

See by Chloe Belted Lace Up Boots

I think the following pairs are so much fun and very creative at the same time, that's why I included them!
En mi opinión, estas botas me parecieron super creativas y divertidas, por eso las incluí!

*Creative Twist*

Here are some of the looks I created with the clasic Dr Martens' boots:
Aquí los looks que arme con las botas Dr Martens:

Look 1
I think the idea of the shorts with the blazer is very fresh and fun
I mean, now in fashion there's no limit for the imagination...
Pienso que la idea de los shorts con el blazer es muy fresca y divertida.
En la moda de ahora ya no hay limite para la imaginación.

Look 2
Oversized or loose tops look very nice with a pair of skinny or leggins.
I chose Dr Martens in red to give the outfit some color.
I put two options for the necklaces.
Los blusones, polos anchos o camisas sueltas se ven super con un par de pitillos o leggins
Escogí un par de Dr Martens en rojo para darle algo de color al look
Puse dos opciones de collares para escoger

Look 3
If you want to rock the night out, but keeping the feminine touch,
just pick a cute floral dress and pair it with your Dr Martens inspired boots and
studded accessories, which are really hot right now!
I also put a studded belt on the dress.
Si quieres un look super rock para la noche pero sin perder el toque femenino,
solo tienes que escoger un mini vestido floreado y combinarlo
con tus botas inspiradas en Dr Martens y accesorios con studs, los cuales están super de moda!
También combine el vestido con una correa con studs.

I'd love to know what you think!
Hope you're having a fabulous week!!
Only three more days for the weekend, can't wait!

Que les pareció? Me encantaría saber..
Espero que estén teniendo una linda semana!
Ya solo faltan tres días mas para el fin de semana, no puedo esperar más!!



  1. Oh I love your post! I'm not a huge fan of Dr Martens boots, but the way you presented them is so chic that I'm really thinking on getting a pair :)

  2. That our boots and more more different, looks are beautiful!
    xoxo! :***

  3. i love the ideas! once i get my boots, ill definitely try some of 'em out!
    you're awesome ^_^

  4. Thank you for your sweet comments Michelle and Barbara!!
    J I'm glad you like the ideas!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


  5. ADORE this post! Your looks are fabulous!

  6. I'm so glad that docs are back in style...I still have mine from the late 80s...LOVE the red ones and all of your looks. very fab, my dear.

  7. Giovanna!!! me encantaron los 3 looks, estan buenisimos!

  8. Great new title picture... but same great song!!

    Enjoy your evening ~~
    xo Laura

  9. hola!
    pasaba a invitarte a mi caja..
    un abrazo!

  10. THANKS :)
    for your comment !!

    I still want Doc Martens too, they are so cool and so Sienna Miller.


  11. Wow. Those are all great looks. I always loved these boots. Most of my buddies and I had at least one pair back in the day.

  12. oiii.. obrigada! adorei os looks, mto bacana! bjoo

  13. Qué buen post! Creo que acá en Lima este tipo de botas todavía no llega con fuerza, pero me encanta! Creo que para muchas es un estilo muy metalero...

    Me gusta como se ve cuando se usa un vestido super femenino con las botas que le dan un toque más grunge y tosco.

    Las Chloe son para morirse!

    Un beso,

  14. Have you seen the Docs with floral patterns on them?? I really like those!!! But I am a safe kind of girl, so I'd totally go with the regular black ones...

  15. I've never owned a pair of Doc Martens but I really wish I could wear them with short dresses and shorts! But my feet would fry in the weather I live in!

    I adore the first pair of Doc Martens and all the outfit ideas! Very inspiring! xxoxoxo

  16. OOh i've spent years of my life wearing doc martin boots, my first pair was bought when I was 14 (20 years ago) and was a pair of black 8 holes then later I bought some serious 14 hole cherry reds lol
    My look was look 1 and 2, look 1 for the day and look 2 for night time, I have always been a rock chick at heart ;)

    Micki x

  17. Those boots are stunning and just perfect for fall.

    One Love,

  18. I love this post! I am not the one to wear Dr Martens, but the looks you created are all great. I would probably pair them with a flowy romantic dress, I just spotted Agyness Dean wearing something like that and it looked incredible.


  19. love how you turned those boots into something stylish w/ those outfits...

  20. Thank you so much everyone!! I really appreciate all your comments!

  21. That last set is right up my alley! Gorgeous!

  22. I love the last look @_@! It's so "Vanessa" -from Gossip Girl. hehe. Great ideas, G! Besos,


  23. Awesome looks!!

    I want the cherry 1960 originals!

    Thanks for the sweet comment!

  24. I love those arty boots! I still have my first pair of Doc Marten boots, a pair of really comfy navy clonkers that must be 15 years old!

  25. Hi, Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, Great post! and you have made me want to run to Browns to try on the Lace up ankle boots, they are so nice! Love the looks you have put together, x

  26. hahhaah i didn't realize there were so many kinds of docs!! i like look 3 best because its girly and fierce!! xx

  27. Love the three looks!! Stunning!

  28. thank you lovely! i really like how you've put together the outfits with the doc martins! :) x

  29. Those are nice, did you see the Jean Paul Gaultier for Dr. Martens? I think it was JPG? I have to check again, I am getting them confused perhaps.

  30. Oh I love my Dr Marteens! So cute your looks!

  31. thanks for the post

    ive been trying to find some lace up boots for ages
    this post will make it much easier

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. I had a pair of Doc Martens look-a-like boots when I was in college, years ago. I loved them and wore them with black tights, short skirts, long skirts, jeans, it didn't matter. I loved those shoes and wore them till they couldn't be worn any longer. I'm sure if they had been real Doc Martens I'd still have them.

    This is a great post. I like the looks you put together for the Doc's. Very creative indeed!

    Have a great weekend, my dear!

  34. wooohoo they rock!!!!!1 i am a big fan of docmarts myself.. i used to have two when i was at uni a boots and oxfords brogues now i only got mary jane docs left :D

    u are welcome to check out my blog:

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