Sep 18, 2009

An Inspirational Young Actress: Laura May

I met the lovely Laura May almost three years ago and immediately became great friends. Laura is an inspiration to me because she is a girl that believes in her dreams and follows them; no matter what obstacles she finds on her way, Laura keeps working towards reaching her goals. Laura is a super talented actress, genuine, very down to earth and as a friend she's awesome!. Laura and a group of her friends decided to make their dreams happen creating a web show named "Sav & Kat Jump Off" which is now showing on YouTube, you can see this fabulous show here. If you wish to follow the show on Facebook, just click here and for Laura's Twitter page click here. I wanted to share with you a little bit about the talented Laura, so I decided to interview her. Hope you like it!
The lovely Laura
BM: Tell us a little bit about yourself Laura. When did you discover your passion for acting?
Laura: Well as a kid, I would always act out stories that I had made up in my head. I’d make up all these different characters and I would act it out most of the time playing multiple characters all in one scene. I’d do it in front of my parents and or even when I was alone in my room. I think my parents thought I’d grow out of it, that all little girls love playing pretend and what not. However, my mother got worried when I turned 16 and she noticed that the habit never went away. (laughs!) If you think about it, to people looking in, I really looked like I was talking to myself and then what would freak them out even further is, that they are hearing one person have a conversation with four different people. So yeah, it kind of freaked my mother out a little. (laughs!) I on the other hand, just had so much fun being able to make up these characters in my head and to be able to act it out that I didn’t see it has a habit that needed to be broken. Also my father was an entertainer. He was a musician (played many different musical instruments, he sang,) he was a MC/host at various different events and he was also a Ballroom dancer, he did magic shows at children's parties, I mean my Father did it all. He was really charismatic. So I think being around those settings with my Father and watching him perform definitely helped further influence my desire to want to entertain and be an actor.

BM: When did you decide to move to Los Angeles to pursue your dream? And how easy/difficult has been for you to make it happen here in L.A.?
Laura: L.A. was always part of my plan, it was just a matter of when. My Father ended up being diagnosed with brain tumor, and passed away about 10 months after his diagnosis. That was one of the toughest things my family had to go through. It was then that I said, that’s it I need to make it happen and just do it. I needed to trust myself, follow my heart and pursue my passion, period. And so through the support and help of some very special people in my life, about 6 months after my Father passed, Los Angeles, California, became my new home. I moved out to Los Angeles, not knowing anyone out here. I had to go back to basics and start from scratch with building relationships, making friends and learning about the trades of the entertainment industry. Its definitely been challenging but at the same time the experience and growth I’ve gotten from this process, has been amazing. I am learning so much about myself and growing in so many ways!! It’s exciting! I love it! And best of all, at the end of the day, no matter how challenging the process maybe, the satisfaction I get from being able to pursue my passion, makes everything worth it. So many people go through life settling for what feels safe, afraid to take risks and not pursue what truly ignites their passion/interests. I do not want to be one of those people. I have one chance to make the most out of this life that I’ve been given and conforming to rules and playing it safe is definitely not the route I have chosen. Some people may not understand it, but it’s not for them to understand. This is my life, this is the path I have chosen. And ultimately, this is the path that gives me true happiness. That’s all that matters.

BM: Who are the actors/actresses that inspire you the most and why?
Laura: América Ferrera inspires me. She’s super talented and very down to earth.There’s something very humbling about her personality that I absolutely love. I love how she never conformed to the image that Hollywood tries to enforce on young women. She continues to stay true to who she is. She’s refreshing, beautiful and sexy!
Will Smith is definitely inspiring. Will actually get’s how life works and I absolutely love that about him!! That’s what inspires me about him. Every time Will does an interview, you get inspired and you take something positive away from watching him talk. I mean we all know he is super talented but the work he does out side of acting, his words of wisdom, his zest for life and definitely his work ethic! He’s a hard-working man! There’s a video going around YouTube about Will and it’s a compilation of some of his most inspiring interviews. Watch it, it will change your life!
Natalie Portman because she's super super talented, and I think she could take on any character!.

BM: Your top three favorite films are:
Laura: Oh wow! I mean there are too many to mention but I’ll try to keep it at three. Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. Such a feel good movie about young women and friendship! I love it. I can watch the second one over and over again and never get tired of it. Pride and Prejudice, its my all time classic! Ok this next one is an animated movie but it really makes me happy every time I watch it so I have to mention it!! Happy Feet!! Love love Happy Feet!

BM: Tell us a little bit about the show, how did you guys come up with the idea and concept?
Laura: The initial idea to start writing and producing a web-series actually came about on the day of the 2009 Oscars. Then the next day, Kimberly Woods and I met up and started pitching out ideas and the concept for the show and before we knew it, not long after, we were shooting our first and second episodes for our web-series.

At the "Sav & Kat Jump Off" Studio

BM: I know you guys are a group of very talented people; please tell us a little bit about the members of the crew?
Laura: Kimberly is an actress out here in L.A that I met through class. We were scene partners. We ended up becoming good friends outside of class. She was born in St. Louis, MO and grew up in Delaware. Andrew, a Princeton graduate, is a director, editor and is great with graphics and special effects. Check out our Battlestar Galactica inspired musical parody. The special effects on there are pretty impressive. Magnus, who’s actually a civil engineer by profession, somehow always found himself involved with entertainment one way or another. He’s done music promotions, was a radio personality, hosting etc…He has a knack for networking and is great with people. I have to also mention his role as Key Grip on our series, simply because he is just obsessed with being a key grip. Then there’s Voltaire Sterling who plays Demarco Lee on the series. He’s a good friend who’s also an actor out here in L.A. He worked on the Great Debaters. Voltaire’s always been really supportive and is just a great person all around.
I feel really blessed to have talented and genuinely good people around me. I think its important to have that especially in this industry.

"Sav & Kat Jump Off" Episode 2

BM: I think it would be fun if I tell you some random words that you'd answer with the first thing that comes to your mind (in one word)...Ready? Here they come Laura:
(Laura's answers are in Orange)

Fashion:Bohemian rocks!! ( I know it's two words but I couldn’t help it!)
TV Show:Ugly Betty
Icon:Michael Jackson

Isn't Laura an inspiration? Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this interview with Laura. Comments are very much welcome! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!



  1. Such a good read, thank you for sharing! xoxox

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  3. Once again, I am inspired by your lovely blog. What a great interview. It's always a pleasure to see someone following their dreams with vigor and not stopping until they've the intended goal.

    Such a lovely young lady, I am happy for her and for you, my dear!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comments ladies!!! I'm so glad you like the interview!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  11. that was a great interview, you really delved into what inspires her which is hard to do! i loved it, more interviews please!

    also, i read in your profile that you went to fidm? which location were you at? i'm interested in starting at fidm in la in the fall!

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  22. fantastic interview.... its good to interview and help artistes gain more publicity... i think its fantastic... we must always do our best to help people ESPECIALLY people like Laura who are truely passionate and i am sure will make a HUGE IMPACT on the acting scene. Always lovely to know everyone supports each other to achieve their dreams!

    smiles, chaman

  23. hello

    lovely interview...

    i regard people like laura highly, with their strong determination and never-say-die attitude. not everyone can stay as positive as her in times of hardship. and we definitely need more inspiring public figures like her. :)

    all the best to you, laura!

    princess mary

  24. Wonderful interview! Laura is such a beautiful person both inside and out. Her star is definitely on the rise. With talent and determination like hers she can't help but shine and inspire others.

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